2 Things Learned in Week 1 of NNM

nothing new monthIt’s been a week since I declared it Nothing New Month.  Nothing would be purchased unless it was a need.  And based on my own assessment, that pretty much means food and toilet paper.  So how’s that going?  Well, interesting.  Here are 2 things I’ve learned so far:

  1. It seems I spend entirely too much time browsing & shopping.  Last week with my mission to only purchase food, I went to a total of 4 stores.  ALL.WEEK.  FOUR!  I hit my favorite grocery store, Costco, Target & Tractor Supply Co.  First let me say, Costco is a fabulous place, but for NNM, it could be a downfall.  You could go nutty in there.  Discipline is the word of success at Costco.  I had a plan and a list and I was in and out with only what I needed and {shocking} spent less than $200.  Target.  The downfall of all NNM plans lies within the confines of that red bull’s eye.  Lucky for me I had only 15 minutes {literally} to get in & get out.  I didn’t even grab a cart!  I grabbed the coffee that was on sale and the printer ink cartridge we needed {note the word needed…kids have homework to complete here folks, it’s a need!}  and out I went.  Less than $30 {Shut. Up!} and 10 minutes.  Win!  Tractor Supply was so the ladies don’t die over yonder at the coop.  That’s definitely a need.  I learned that planning is the key to success.  Meal plans lead to grocery lists which lead to focus in my shopping adventures.  Also, avoiding certain temptation like the mall are good.  Also, not taking a cart is brilliant.  You cannot add things to a cart you’re not pushing.  So what did I do with all my free time?  Well, I started a quilt with fabric I already had on hand, I wrote a study guide for a book and I cleaned – the deep kind that’s usually reserved only for spring.  I must say it felt great to get some things done and not be in the car or pushing a cart every day.
  2. My spending sometimes is because I want to “fit in”.  Agh.  That sounds ugly.  But it’s true.  Case in point:  we are hosting a fun evening each week here at our home that includes dinner and a video and discussion.  There are a total of about 12 of us each week gathering here.  In order to accommodate the dining portion of the evening, we added another leaf to out table.  We have enough room that way to seat everyone.  Only problem is that the rug that sits under the table is not made to lie under a table as long as our table is with the leaf added.  I know enough from Pinterest to know that there is a standard for which I am judged regarding the length of the rug under my table.  And it currently does not meet this design standard.  At. All.  Just to show you…I took a picture.FullSizeRender 63This nearly drove me to the brink.  I kept thinking I have a houseload of people coming over for dinner and my rug/table situation looks like this.  I nearly canceled NNM & headed rug shopping.  No joke.  Craziness.  Absolute Craziness.  I had to stop myself and ask some hard questions- “Why do I feel like I have to have my home look ‘perfect’?  Why do I care that my rug/table situation is not Pinterest approved?  Why am I so concerned about the opinions of others that I would cancel NNM because of a rug?  Does it really, really matter?”  Truth be told, I learned that a lot of my shopping is a result of trying to “fit in”.  I want the cute sweater and boots that a fashionable friend has.  I want a kitchen with decor like the cool crowd.  I am easily manipulated, it would seem, by advertising and marketing.  And so are we all…otherwise they would have given up on commercials a long time ago.

So that’s what I have learned so far.  One week in.  I’m already done with the grocery shopping for this week & I don’t need chicken feed, so looks like I’ll be home the rest of the week.  just kidding.  not really.  I will.  Plus it’s like -20ºF and I’m really low on gas & I don’t want to stand outside and pump my gas, so looks like I’ll be home until spring now.  Or until the hubs drives my car.  Whichever.

How is your NNM going?  Have you tried to only purchase your needs?  What have you learned?  I’d love to know!  Leave me a comment!

In other news.  Did you see the Seahawk win {or not lose} yesterday?!  Holy Cow!  I’m a proud 12 and I’m thrilled that they’re still going strong.  Go Hawks!


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  1. Hey – Good for you! However, if you get rid of the rug, I might be interested! 🙂 My theme for 2016 is: 2016 – A year for less. I need to simplify. Ok, don’t get me wrong I’m not getting rid of everything but I am starting to ask myself: “Do you really need/want that”? So far it’s working. Take care.

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