2015 in Review

Twenty•fifteen is slipping away.  With only about 42 hours left {2,520 minutes, if you care about such details} I thought I’d take a look back at some of the highlights from this year.

  1. We welcomed a new puppy to the house.  Little Olive, a miniature Schnauzer, came to Weed Acres in January.  unnamed-3
  2. Family vacation to Walt Disney World.  Although we’ve been to Disneyland Paris a couple of times {which I don’t highly recommend}this was our first trip to a real American Disney park.   We ventured to Florida for a spring vacation filled with Disney Magic.  Here we are in Animal Kingdom.  {look everyone’s smiling :)}AK_TREEBACK_7240969932
  3. The hubs & I headed “home” to Geneva.  My first trip back since moving back State-side nearly five years ago!  What a time it was catching up with friends & remembering the wonders of Europe.  Ah, the jet d’eau.IMG_2028
  4. Seventeen chicks joined the hen house at Weed Acres in 2015, bringing our total chicken population to 22.  I do love my ladies & the delicious eggs they lay!!  Here’s Lucille {or Ethel, I can’t tell them apart} all dressed up:IMG_2370
  5. I turned 40.   {we’ll just keep going}
  6. Sweet Ginger Hair Boy’s Destination Imagination team took 6th at Global Finals in Tennessee!  The 6th best team in the world!  Crazy Deflated Bagpipes.IMG_2425 2
  7. Our Weed Acres garden produced a bounty of produce!  Glorious, glorious vegetables filled the house all summer & autumn long!  We were overflowing!!  It’s a good thing us Weeds like our veggies! IMG_2331
  8. Little Weeds headed back to school in grades 5, 7 & 9.  All middle & high school kiddos now.  Wow!IMG_2590
  9. I completed my first marathon!!  Bucket list-check!  Came in at about my goal time, hated miles 17-23, said I’d never ever ever do that again, but considering it now.  This is me at 26.1999999 miles!  unnamed-6
  10. The Barn at Weed Acres went up. IMG_2040
  11. Headed out west to visit the family.  Took in the WSU Cougar Homecoming Game.  Go Cougs!!IMG_2410
  12. We hit the hills for a morning of family sledding on the fresh fallen snow.  And despite sweet gingers expression, we all had a blast!IMG_2549

Twenty•fifteen was a fantastic year.  We made some great family memories.  The closer we are to approaching kids flying out of this Weed nest, the more I realize these moments are limited & should be treasured above almost all else.  My word of the year for 2015 was “JOY”.  I think I found it with these people I live with & love.

Here’s to 2016!

One thought on “2015 in Review

  1. Kim. What a wonderful year you just experienced. You’re a strong beautiful woman – like your mom!
    I’m sure that your fans in heaven are smiling down on you with such admiration and joy.
    Blessings for 2016. ~Jenni M

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