Go do it!

ezra 10.4 What’s your assignment today?  Love on someone?  Offer grace?  Be a humble helper?  Change a wrong, forgive a friend, celebrate another’s victory?  Our tasks aren’t always huge, enormous, change-the-entire-world things.  Dare I say those assignments are rare.  More often they’re the little everyday things that are talked about throughout the Word.  Sometimes they are joyful and easy.  But sometimes they’re I-don’t-want-to-do-this hard.  But He says “get up! get going! and do it!”

And we can’t just focus on our tasks.  We are to be the “we are with you” folks too.  We must be there for our sisters & brothers as they’re arising and doing what they need to do.

Two parts- get up & get to work on your tasks & support those who are also getting up & getting their stuff done!

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4 thoughts on “Go do it!

  1. I feel that sometimes I am more of a getting it done for other people than myself. It seems easier to me to help others than concentrate and do on myself. That is my goal for today…so one thing that I need to get done or do for myself/family:)
    Great “thinking” post!

  2. Kim, I am so glad you are writing again. I too became overwhelmed with finding a niche in the blogging community and forgot the purpose that I started writing in the first place. I placed way too much pressure on myself to produce something worthwhile instead of what I started it for which was just to process my thoughts. I am so excited to hear what you have to say and follow along.

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