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Yesterday’s first world problems were ridiculous.  The mere fact that something so insignificant made up such a significant portion of my day is sad.  I was reminded this morning that the world is bigger than my horrible internet speeds & there are people who are facing so much worse than slow internet & horrible customer service.

In light of that, I would love for you to take a gander at the 20/20 program from this past weekend.  Here’s the link to the broadcast called Escaping ISIS.  Great perspective on the refugee crisis our world is currently in the middle of.  Interested in taking action?  I would recommend giving to GAIN. I personally know the President & CEO of this organization & they do great, great work & are responsible with the donations they receive.

In the end Love Wins!  But we must be willing to be love, using wisdom, in order for it to have a chance.

day 22 :: Born to Die

Can you believe it’s December 22????  Holy Hannah!

Thumbnail.aspxHere’s a link to today’s song.  It is definitely a favorite {yet unique} Christmas carol of mine.  Listen carefully to the words – powerful stuff he’s singing.  Powerful!

Today we look at John 6:48-51

verse 51:

I am the living bread that came down from heaven.  If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever.  And the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh.

Jesus came to earth as a tiny, helpless baby {just the way we all arrived here on earth}.  But his purpose from the beginning was to bring life to all.  And this life would come at a great price – his own.  The baby came to die.  Let those words settle in your soul.   His purpose, yes to show us how to love, to show us what was important, to remind us that it’s relationship over religion, but ultimately his flesh for our souls.

It seems a ridiculous way to save the world.  I believe it, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to wrap my head around the idea sometimes.  Why would the ruler of all decide to come to earth to be a human and die in order to reconcile humanity to himself?

I heard the best sermon illustration of this exact conundrum:

A man watched as him family left for Christmas Eve service.  He didn’t believe that the God of the universe would come to earth as a baby and live among his creation.  He felt it was all a tall tale, a fairy tale, a lie.  He settled in on the couch to watch some t.v. while they were gone.

All the sudden a bird flew right into the window next to where he was sitting.  Then another bird, then another.  He jump up from his seat & ran outside to see hundreds of birds flying over his home.  One by one they were breaking off, flying into the picture window & then falling to the patio below.  The man waved his arms in circles and yelled to the birds.  He threw pinecones into the air to try to distract them or scare them away from the danger.  But nothing worked.  And one by one more and more birds hit the glass and fell to the patio below.

Frustrated, the man yelled “I wish I could become a bird and show them which way to fly!!”

The man fell to his knees as he realized that as ridiculous as it sounded that is exactly what the God of creation had done.  He had seen humans ‘flying in circles & crashing into windows’ and became one of them in order to show them the way.  The man ran off to the church to meet up with his wife and children to listen to the Christmas story with fresh perspective & a different heart.


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