Better Together by Jill Savage!


I’m SO very excited!  One of my absolute favorite authors, Jill Savage, just wrote a new book, Better Together.  She collaborated with her daughter Anne McClane for this book on friendship.  Now here’s the really exciting part :: commence drum roll ::  I am on the launch team for this book! 81BbguGt4uL

What does being on a launch team mean? Nope, I’m not on the cover…maybe another book.   But I am absolutely thrilled that I’ll get to read the book before it’s available at book stores or online!  I’ll get to be a part of some online discussion with others on the launch team & {get excited now} I’ll be posting right here each week with little sweet somethings about the book.  So. Much. Fun.  You will not want to miss it.

And, it gets even better.  You have the opportunity to get in on some great extras if you pre-order Jill’s book.  Quantities of the “extras” are limited so you’ll want to jump on this opportunity quickly!  Order your own copy straight away! Here’s the link.

I downloaded my early copy this afternoon & I’m anxiously awaiting this house to get quiet so I can get onto reading.

Jill is real.  She is authentic.  She is just like you and me. {And I know she appreciates a good mustard yellow cardigan as much as I do ;)}   I am 100% sure that this book on friendship and our need for friends throughout this life will be amazing, inspirational, encouraging and real. I cannot wait.  Go to bed, children!

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