Thank You Gifts

It’s that time of year again.  As the weather warms up, things begin to wind down.  And as activities & school winds down, the need for thank you gifts surges upward.  And I tend to be at a loss as to what to give.

Gift giving is a quality that many people possess.  I am not one of them.  I have the hardest time buying gifts.  So what does one do when they just don’t know what to do?  Pinterest.  She is everyone’s friend.

easy spring thank yous

I searched thank you gifts.  Do you know what I saw?  A bazillion amazingly crafty ideas that might take me the next two – four years to complete.  I didn’t have that kind of time.  I needed easy-peasy and pleasant-thoughtful done in less than an hour.  That search turned nothing up. So “easy DIY thank yous” was my plea.  And Pinterest, as she always does, delivered beautifully.

These are SO ridiculously easy.  But I think they’re beautiful.

You’ll need:

  • 4″ pots of thyme &/or mint
  • brown paper lunch sacks
  • yarn, ribbon, twine
  • card stock { I used 65 lb. Kraft card stock}
  • zip-lock sandwich bags
  • FREE printable tags

Also helpful:

  • quality papercutter
  • tag punch

IMG_3434 2





Here’s what you do:

  1. Place the potted plant in a sandwich size zip-loc bag, to keep your paper bag from getting soggy.
  2. Roll down the top of your brown paper lunch sack.  I used the regular sized ones and rolled about 4 times.
  3. Place potted plant in the sack.
  4. Tie ribbon, twine, string, yarn around the rolled down part on the bag.
  5. Print the free printable on your own printer using card stock.
  6. Using whatever tools you have {scissors or cutter and punch} cut out the words into tags.
  7. Secure the tag to the ribbon, twine, string, yarn.
  8. Give away with frivolousness.

Easy as that.  They are beautiful.  They are easy!  It gets no better than that.

Click on the picture below to access the free printable.

thank you tags

Thank you to A Night Owl Blog for the inspiration!  


Freebie Friday :: Free Easter Printable

Can you believe that we are a mere 16 days away from Easter?  It’ll be here before you know it.

I love Easter.  Partly because it occurs in the spring and it brings with it all pastel spring goodness.  And Peeps.  I love Peeps.  Marshmallow sugar-coated chicks of sweetness.  You either love them or you hate them.  I fall into the love category, so I can take yours off your hands if necessary.

But Easter.  I also love Easter because of the truth.  Jesus marched into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday & died a terrible, torturous death on Good Friday.  And had the story ended there, Easter would not be.  And hope for humanity would be gone.  There would be no hope.  Darkness, heaviness & dread would be the wet blanket that we could never shake.  But the story didn’t end there.  As my Grandpa Shorty would sing, “Up from the grave He arose; with a mighty triumph o’er his foes!”  Hallelujah!  The story didn’t end.  He rose & is risen today…He’s alive!  And providing hope to humanity.  My redeemer lives!  And Easter is the celebration of all celebrations.  Christmas is nice, but Easter is the triumphant conclusion!

So I was thinking I needed a little Easter in my house.  I’ve got some of our spring things out, but I needed a little something Easter-y.  And because it’s Friday & everybody likes free stuff, I decided to share.  Enjoy!

Free Easter Printable Free Easter Printable

click on the picture below {or here} to download the free .pdf printable!  Print on a good card stock & throw it in a simple or elegant frame.  Or clip it on a clip board or pin it on the bulletin board.  Place anywhere you need a reminder of the wonderful celebration of Easter!  And don’t forget to share it with your friends on Pinterest too!!!Easter - Christ the Lord has Risen Today - Free Printable


Advent Cards :: free printable

Can you believe that tomorrow is already the first of December?  Every year, I think I have so much time to prepare for Christmas & somehow it sneaks up on me each and every year.

This year, I decided to throw together some advent cards to prepare for Christmas…& remember it’s meaning.  A little walk through Scripture day by day as we get closer to the 25th.  I started with this set.  It is the classic Christmas story from Scripture.  A great place to start when looking at what the Bible says about the day we celebrate as Christmas.  Classic!

Classic Christmas Cards


And then as often happens in my world…I got a bit carried away.  Heaven forbid I do anything just a little.  It’s a blessing.  It’s a curse.  So I also came up with this set with a different name of Jesus for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas morning.  I absolutely LOVE this set with it’s different Scripture passages than what I am normally reading at Christmas time.  I see these as a great reminder of who we are celebrating this season…Jesus!

names of jesus advent


And again because I seldom just stop with “that’s good enough” {hence the name of my blog} I took it another step farther.  And let me tell you, this may be the creme de la creme of my advent card ideas.  Perhaps you’ll hate it.  That’s ok.  I adore them.  I decided to create a card for each day leading up to the twenty fifth of December that paired a Christmas carol with a Scripture passage.  I.  Know.  Why haven’t I thought of this before.  I’m so very, very excited to listen each day to the carol and read over the passage with my family.  I.  Know!  So here’s that set.   Some of the carols are old familiar ones that you’ve likely heard a bazillion times & know by heart.  Others may be brand new to you.  I’ve tried to include the artist who sings it {or at least the one who sings it that I’m familiar with}  so that you can easily find it.  All should be available on iTunes.  {please note this set will not print out in numerical order…it makes me a bit anxious 😉 but it is what it is…good enough}

christmas carol advent cards

I printed these off on some 65# white cardstock.  Then I cut them apart using the cutting guides on each sheet and used my ever-trusty corner rounder from Creative Memories to finish them off.  So easy!  I think we’ll have all 3 sets around the house this Christmas.

I hope you enjoy these} and that the Scripture of the season fills your home.  Jesus is the entire reason for everything we are preparing for this time of year & taking just a moment to learn a bit more about him & the story we celebrate is a treasure worth unwrapping!  Let me know which set you like best & how you’re using them this Christmas!

Names of Jesus Advent cards pdf

Christmas Carol Advent cards pdf

Classic Advent cards pdf


Thankful Cards // part 2 :: free printable

Back a few weeks ago, I shared with you some thankful cards.  I hope you have enjoyed these reminders of gratitude.

As promised, albeit a bit later than I planned, here is another set of cards for you to enjoy this week of Thanksgiving.  I printed these on a nice Kraft card stock, cut them out & once again entrusted my Creative Memories corner rounder to finish them off.

FullSizeRender 53

IMG_2393Wouldn’t they look wonderful around the table on Thanksgiving day?  Maybe one at each seat?   Or in the kitchen while you’re cooking the feast?

I just love having Scripture out & visible throughout the day.  It definitely is an encouragement & a reminder to be thankful to God.  Enjoy!

click on the image or here for the printable.

MORE FREE Thanksgiving Scripture Printables are available here & here.

ALSO check out more FREE Scripture printables here

Thanksgiving Week – Let’s Plan

thanksgiving graphicI look forward to this week all year long.  I cannot tell you how excited I get just thinking of the Thanksgiving feast ahead of me.  Although not always the case, in the past several years, cooking for Thanksgiving is a highlight.  The recipe searching, the shopping list making, the shopping, the prepping, the planning, the actual day of cooking it all…glorious!

I’ve been scouring for perfect recipes for weeks now, finalizing this year’s menu & I think I have it all figured out.  I stick with my trusty and true important recipes {the stuffing, the potatoes, the green beans} and then I give myself some play room in the other areas of turkey and non-required sides.  Call me a geek.

In an effort this year {and all years} to make sure I have all my ducks in a row {or should that read turkeys?} I make lists.  I love a good list.  And I decided that it would be fun to share it with you.  I remember back to my first on-our-own Thanksgiving being completely overwhelmed by the entire Thanksgiving process.  I’m hoping that maybe if you’re new to turkey day, this will be helpful. You can print it here – thanksgiving to do

thanksgiving to do

thanksgiving to do2

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my recipes for Thanksgiving 2015 along with a printable shopping list!  Thanksgiving is nearly here!!!  Let’s get cooking!


Thankful Cards // part 1 :: Free Printable

Let’s call this a freebie Friday!  Because we all love Friday & we all love freebies!  Especially free printable!  Am I right?

I need many, many reminders to focus on being thankful. I forget sometimes to count my blessing & thank the giver of those things.  Sometimes I’m counting other people’s blessings instead of my own.  Which is utterly stupid, because I have enough blessings to not need to worry about other people’s, but that is the ridiculousness of me being a human.  I don’t count every single blessing of others, just the ones I’d kind-a, sort-a like to be counting in my blessing column.  Ugh!  So yucky!  Truth is my blessings column is probably full enough, if I’d just take a second to really look it over.  Silly humanness.

So to try to remind myself to spend some quality time this month actually thanking the giver of all for every amazing thing he has provided to me in this life, I decided to make some little scripture cards.

IMG_2340And {this is where the freebie part comes in} I’m sharing them with you.  Today I’m including the first 8 thanksgiving printable.  {hopefully more will follow leading up to Thanksgiving}  Scripture that reminds me to look to God and be thankful.  In all circumstances and situations because he is my strength when life is hard & for that I should be thankful also.  So enjoy these little cards!  Print them out on some nice cardstock {i use 65 lb.} and cut them using the cutting guides.  I used my decades old Creative Memories corner rounder to give them a little softness.

IMG_2342Hang them up where you’ll see them.  Or read one each day.  Or memorize them.  Definitely share them with your kids around the dinner table.  And be thankful.  Because we have SO much to be thankful for.  Enjoy!!


More FREE Thanksgiving printables available for download here & here.  Enjoy!