Day 2 :: What Child Is This?

28 And he came to her and said, “Greetings, O favored one, the Lord is with you!”  Blessed are you among women! 29 But she was greatly troubled at the saying, and tried to discern what sort of greeting this might be.  30 And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.  Luke 1:28-30

Mary enters our Christmas story today.  She is greeted by the angel Gabriel.  Gabriel has been pretty busy lately.  He was just over talking to Zechariah about the soon-to-be-born baby over at that house. {Luke 1:11-27}  What an amazing assignment for Gabriel…the bearing of the great news of two miraculous births!

Back to Mary.  She’s likely doing whatever it is that betrothed young women did in those days when all the sudden an angel shows up.  Did he look like an angel?  Was he all glowing and bright?  Did he look just like a man?  Did he sneak up on her?  Was she startled?  So many questions!

Side Factoid:  Mary means ‘exalted one’

So Gabriel shows up and what he says completely floors her.  One thing I see from this short passage is that Mary appears to be quite humble.  Mary definitely knew she was from the lineage of King David & as such she had to have known that there was a chance that the Messiah could be born of her.  {I wonder if they ever talked about it at family gathers?}   Had she been betting on her own amazingness as a human to win over God to make her the mother of the promised Messiah, she might have responded with a “what took you so long?!”  She may have even had a well thought out response to the message.  I have to think that there were girls through the ages from the line of King David who were certain God was going to chose them and perhaps even practiced their response.  But for Mary, it seems more likely that she thought the odds were not in her favor.  After all, she was just lowly Mary.  She may have been from the house of David, but she was far from the royalty riches of that house.  So when Gabriel shows up with the news that she’s favored…well, she seems to be dumbfounded.  She has no ready response for an angel.  She seems to have no idea why he is there & what he will say next.   She’s troubled.  She’s trying to discern what kind of greeting this might be.  Is the next line going to be good news or bad news?  Mary has humility in her character.

Here’s what we know from the 3 verses today:

  1. Mary has found favor with God.
  2. Mary has the presence of God with her.
  3. Mary is blessed.

We don’t know a whole lot about Mary at this point.  We know she’s betrothed to Joseph {what a guy he turned out to be…not divorcing her & all…winner!}  We know she’s related to Zechariah and Elizabeth {who are also expecting a miracle baby, John}.  We see that she’s from the lineage of King David.  We know she’s a virgin.

Tomorrow, we will find out the rest of the message from Gabriel.  {if you don’t know, it’s BIG!}  But for today, let’s just imagine what Mary might have been thinking in the pause in Gabriel’s breath between “you have found favor with God” and his next line.

Here is a link to the Christmas Carol for todayWhat Child Is This?  {I have a secret, this is not one of my favorites}

And if you’re just stumbling upon this little advent adventure, click here to get to the post with the free printable advent cards.  I’m using the Christmas Carol Advent Cards, but feel free to chose whichever ones you like best!

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