Ebates Works!

Skeptical.  Absolutely.  The commercial said they would pay me to shop.  Could they be serious?  What exactly is the catch?

No catch.  Just cash!big fat check!

I made my first purchase using the EBATES site last month.  It was something I was going to purchase online anyway.  Click, click, click.  Easy.

The email said I’d earned $3.04 for my $29.94 purchase.  I was pretty sure I would have to wait to accumulate a whole lot more of those little amounts before I’d see the cash in my hand.  But no.  A  big fat check for $3.04 arrived to my door at the month’s end.  Easy.

Then my welcome gift arrived a week after that.  I had selected a Target gift card as a gift when I originally signed up.  I never thought I’d actually see that little piece of plastic in my hand – so many hoops & fine print, I thought.  But again I was wrong.   $10 in hand to spend at Target!  Winner, winner!

It’s the easiest ever!  You shop online anyway…get cash back & other deals.  No catch.  Head over here.  Get signed up, pick a good welcome gift & then be on your shopping way.  Big fat checks will follow you!  Try it out.  It works!  For real!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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