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What a weekend!  I am a big fan of the Hearts at Home ministry & this weekend was the annual Hearts at Home conference in Rochester, MN.  Hearts at Home is a Christian ministry designed to build up women, no matter their age or stage, so that they can be the best wife, mommy, friend, woman they can be.  And, let’s be real here, it’s a weekend away from the responsibilities of home with some girlfriends to just relax!  Winner Winner Weekend.

This year I was so excited to be a volunteer for the conference.  I was a personal assistant for one of the speakers.  And what a speaker I got assigned to!  Courtney Joseph! I have been hanging out over at Good Morning Girls for a long time & following along with her journey through Scripture.  I also absolutely love her book!  And I discovered this weekend that she is an incredibly kind & God seeking gal! And she’s real & normal.  I love real and normal!!

But the very, very, very best part of the weekend was the time after the conference.  When all the gals that I traveled to Rochester with would meet up, attempt to make a decision about where to eat {harder than you can even know!}, go back to the hotel room & laugh and cry and laugh a lot more!  There is something incomparable to time with girlfriends.  Longtime girlfriends & new ones too…no matter!

One of the evenings, we sat in the hotel room all cozy in our sweats, eating up all the chocolate & mints we brought along.  Never mind that we had just finished some of the best burgers we’d ever eaten. {shout out to the Half Barrel in Rochester, MN!}  There is always room for sea salt chocolates!  One of the gals said “we are going to share what we like best about each other.  I’m not kidding!  Let’s start with you.”  We sat, eating taking turns sharing the things that we loved most about the other women in the room. It was awkward at first – both to share and to be the receiver.  But as we all shared, it became so much less awkward and so much more refreshing.   Character qualities and skills and talents and stories filled the hours.  Some of us had known each other for decades.  Others, just a day or two.  But we shared what we saw, what we loved, how much we appreciated each other.  It was powerful!  To hear what others see in you, deep inside you…life giving!

We are called to build each other up, encourage each other, do good to one another & a whole host of other things that help us to thrive in this life.  It’s not easy to do, awkward at times, but it’s so powerful!  Sometimes it’s easier to pull down.  To remind people of the areas that are not so swell, not the best, not what you love.  Other times it’s easy to think that people know what you love about them, that they already are aware of the qualities that make them special to you.  But, often we don’t know & often we even question if any of those qualities exist in us.  We see them in others, but can’t find them within ourselves.

So today, be thankful for your friends and take time to remind them that not only are you thankful for them, but share what you see in them that makes them lovable & wonderful to you.

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3 thoughts on “encourage one another

  1. It truly was a magical and heart filling weekend! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

    As always, your writing and the way you mingle your words, amazes me!

    You are a blessing!

  2. I love the script you used on this card. AND the watercolour picture in the background. Did you paint this yourself? (Digital or hand-painted?) Thanks for sharing.

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