February – NT in 2017

We did it.  If you’ve been reading along, join me in celebrating reading through two full books of the New Testament and a good way into a third.  It’s amazing.  Many verses have been familiar, but have also hit me fresh – smacking me upside the head when necessary or stirring things around in my heart in new, fresh ways.  That’s what’s so wonderful about the Word.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been days that have been more along the lines of “hmmmm  nothing.  Well, at least I read the chapter.”  It’s not all overflowing emotions all the time.  At least not for me.  There are desert moments along with the dessert ones.  And just because everyday isn’t a sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top does not mean that something’s wrong.  It just means that some areas God really wants me to see, feel & let settle in the depth of my soul today & some He’s waiting until another day to reveal to me.

A new month.  Are you ready?  If you haven’t gotten your “Make It A Great Week” sheets for February yet over at Etsy, here they are for your printing enjoyment.  Again these may not be perfect.  All are designed to print on letter size paper in the color you see.  All can also be trimmed to a nice 7×9.25 size to fit neatly in your Happy Planner after you’ve punched them with your handy Happy Planner puncher.  {best purchase!}  And if you’d rather not use all your printer ink, feel free to head over to the Etsy store & let me do the printing, trimming and punching for you.

February looks to be a great month of reading.  We’ll finish up 1 Corinthians & read through 2 Corinthians then jump into Mark.  So many opportunities to learn & grow in the days ahead.  You with me?

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  1. Do you have the template for this? I’d love to do it for the other months? Do you have any of the templates you did for this? I am starting s group for this but I need to change the months and days around Thank you so much.

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