good bye summer

As I type, right this very minute, we have only about 21 hours left in this glorious season called summer.  Autumn will arrive on Wednesday at 3:21 am.


I feel as though I should wear black today.  But then again I hate to waste my last summer day in dreadful black.  They’ll be plenty of time for black in March when I just wish winter would hurry up and die.

I don’t hate autumn.  Autumn is beautiful.  But I cannot separate the gorgeousness of autumn from what it brings along.  Hiding in the back of autumn’s station wagon, under a blanket on the seats that face the wrong way {and make me throw up…who invented such a thing?} is Winter.  Ugh!  Now that’s a guy I hate.  Loathe.  He comes in so beautiful, I’ll give him that, cleaning up the brown death that autumn left on her way out.  But then, like a crazy relative with no where to go, he stays…way past his welcome.  And the longer he stays the crazier he gets.  Or maybe the crazier I get.  Either way.  I hate winter.

I have tried to embrace it.  I have.  I do not like it. It is cold.  Bitter.  The wind whips making outdoor life unbearable.  Just thinking about pumping gas in January makes me sad.  Sad that I’ll be cold, standing in front of a gas pump with 7 layers of clothing on, a scarf, an ugly yet warm hat and big mittens which I’ll have to remove to answer the seven bazzilion questions the stupid pump will ask me.  There should really be a limit to how many questions a gas pump can ask you when its -20ºF.  The answer is always no anyway when it’s that cold–I do not want a receipt and seriously, a car wash?

Today I will remember summer.  Summer.  She is gorgeous.  With her warm air and beautiful greenery.  I love Summer.  I will miss her, she’s been so good to me.  Good bye summer.  You will be deeply missed.

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