Happy Anniversary

September 22.  It was a most significant day in the Weed family story.  Right behind the wedding & the 3 little Weed births.  And if not for Facebook, I would have completely forgotten all about it this week.  Crazy!   September 22, 2007 was the day that the five weeds boarded a plane headed east for the adventure of a lifetime.


At the one year anniversary of that date I posted the following post on the old blog:

1 Year.  1 Year.  1 Year.

In one thought, it seems like a really long time ago.  And in another, it seems like just yesterday.  But either way, it is a marker.  An anniversary, of sorts, to how long we’ve lived in Switzerland.
As I’m typing, the time in Minnesota is 3:11 in the afternoon on Sept. 22, 2008.  As clear as crystal, I can still see Minnesota at around 3 in the afternoon on Sept. 22, 2007.  Sun shining, crisp air, good-byes said, tears momentarily paused, everything we owned packed, storaged or sold.  In our hands we held 5 one-way tickets to Europe.  Fear, excitement, sadness, contentment.  They were all felt on that autumn day 1 year ago.
It’s been an unusual year.  I don’t think I had any idea what I was getting into on this adventure.  But, I knew (and know) who’s in control of the ride and I know it’s going where it’s supposed to go.  (To see how this adventure began, read here.)
I’ve often wondered what I would write when the first year was complete.  I’ve pre-blogged this post many, many times.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it is serious, sometimes it’s tear-filled.  It always includes lots of pictures and some music too.  It seems like such a monumental occasion, it seems to need to be perfectly written.  But, I can tell you, it isn’t going to be perfect.
Thinking back to this day one year ago – WOW!  I feel like I’ve come so far in just one year.  I’ve learned to drive on itty-bitty roads.  I’ve learned to grocery shop, paying my deposit on my grocery cart and paying for my paper bags.  I’ve learned to maneuver the kid’s school parking lot (which let me tell you, is no easy task!).  I’ve learned enough French to get by, but not enough to know how awful my French is.  I’ve learned back-roads, great shops, and how to use public transportation.  I’ve learned that America isn’t always right, and neither is any other nation.  I learned to cook from scratch, understand non-American accents and how to rest on Sunday.  I’ve learned that people are people, no matter where they’re from.  I look at this world a little differently then 1 year ago.  I think my children see the world differently and I think that’s a good thing.  
But I think the greatest thing I’ve learned on this adventure is to trust.  There is no doubt that this move was “the plan”.  Although unexpected and not in the play book of my life as written by me, the true Author of my life had it written this way the whole time.  And as He’s perfect, so this chapter was as well.  Easy? No!  Full of smiles at all times? No!  Many, many tears and questions? Yes!  Some unimaginably wonderful times?  Definitely!  (see picture of me, Amy and Bekkah at the Eiffel Tower!)  He has provided at all times.  Not necessarily in the manner in which I was thinking, but always provided for, I have been (that was very Yoda.)
So, would I do it again?  In a second!  In a second!  
But am I glad it’s a year closer to coming “home” than a year ago?  Yeah, definitely.  But I’d do it all again!  
“The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.  You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. ”  Isaiah 58:11
We’ve been back “home” for nearly 5 years now.  Life is pretty much back to it’s routine American way.  I can drive a massive vehicle and stock my pantry with wholesale sized everything from Costco.  But I think about Switzerland just about every day.  And I “when we lived in Switzerland…” a bit too much still.  I miss it.  In a nostalgic, remembering only the good stuff sort of way.  And I dearly miss the people.  The ones who saved me from loneliness, sadness & madness.  And the food.  I miss the food.  And the slowed down life.  And the adventure.
Happy anniversary!

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