I wish for a candidate…

Do I dare speak of this topic?  It’s heated.  It’s rough.  It’s a taboo subject.  But I’m exhausted from listening.  To the yelling.  To the name calling.  To the down right disrespectful behaviour & language & tone.  Why does it have to be this way?

Let’s go.  Let’s just jump into this mess.  So whether you lean left or you lean right.  Whether you stand in the middle or are clearly footed on one end of the spectrum.  Whether you’re the bluest blue that has ever been or the reddest red that ever will be.  {have I covered everyone?} Let’s all co-mingle here in the middle of the road for a minute and be just a bit purple, just for a few moments.

As I gaze at my television, I just can’t help but think that this is not what politics should look like.  What I see from my living room looks like a whole lot of power-hungry individuals who want to do something great to further their name, their legacy, their agenda.  I realize that it takes a whole lot of self-confidence to run for the highest office in this country, but I refuse to buy into the notion that self-confidence is the same as ego.  I believe there are self-confident people who walk amongst us everyday with humility in their character.  I just can’t find that in any debate, on any side, with any candidate.  I see a whole bus load of “I will be right at all costs.  Even if it’s not really what’s best for this nation.  I am right & I will prove it!”  Since when did that get anyone anywhere good?

wish for a candidate

I wish for a candidate who could look at the entire picture of this nation & see what’s right & see what’s desperately in need of help.  And then, with genuineness ask for all sides to come together with their best ideas to fix the situation.  Not fix it in a way that ensures that their campaign contributors will be happy.  Not fix it in a way that makes sure that the companies that pay them to speak will continue to do so.  Not in a way that benefits some agriculture or bank or consumer agency.  But in a way that benefits the guy sitting at the bus stop waiting to get to work so he can feed his family and pay his cell phone bill each month.  Fix it for that guy.  Fix it the way that every family in America has to fix their problems, with brainstorming & cause and effect & genuine concern for the outcome of those decisions on everyone else living with them.

I wish for a candidate who could look at ALL people in this nation & see value.  We are all valuable.  Regardless of what color our skin is or what religion we practice during the week or whether we have oddles of cash in the back or not a dollar to our name.  We each are valuable.  And decisions made at even the highest level in America should always take into account the value of the individuals that make up this nation.  We will not always agree with one another.  But I’m absolutely certain that we can respect one another, listen to one another, try to understand one another and be kind to one another.  But we must first believe that everyone is valuable and stands on equal footing.  Everyone.  The view looks so different when everyone stands together.

I wish for a candidate who would lead us together rather than tear us apart.  Great leaders have the ability to create oneness out of many.  A feeling of “we’re all on the same team fighting for the same goal” is always a better rally cry than “come if you want but only if you’re on my side and agree with me”.  Where is our rallying cry?  Where is the unity?  Who is going to step into the middle?  We are One Nation.  One. Singular!  We may have all different opinions on  every topic under the big blue sky. But I will not believe that there is no common ground whatsoever that we can set out boots on & work together.  But we need a leader.  A leader who will bring us all onto the middle ground.  And it would be helpful if that leader was standing there first.

I wish for a candidate who just said what they actually believed.  {and this doesn’t include speech that is polarizing or devalues anyone}  I just wish that if a candidate is asked a question about a topic, that they could answer with all honesty.  Not with a sound bite or a concern for who’s paying their bills.  If a candidate thinks something, they should say it & just let the chips fall where they may.  How refreshing that would be to just know…to feel like you could vote based on exactly what the candidates thought about different topics.

I wish for a candidate that didn’t try too hard.  I’m tired of seeing them on late night television. I’m tired of them being on every morning show.  I’m tired of them tweeting stupid tweets.  I get it.  You need to win an election.  You have a short amount of time to convince Americans that you deserve the job.  I get it.  Air time is persuade time.  But I don’t know how much of that time is actually useful in making up American voters’ minds about which candidate would do the best job.  How about we run an election the way  we do job interviews.  Put out your resume in print…bullet points are nice about your experience, education, etc.  And then we {Americans not the media} ask you real questions that are important to us & you answer how you would handle situations and problems and get the job done.  Enough of the mockery.  Enough of the theatrics.  Enough of the hype & hollywood of it all.  What if every candidate was required to have the same amount of air time {I know a country that does this!}  If you have one candidate on your station for an hour, every other candidate also receives an hour on your station.  Equal time for all.  ALL.  I think this would change the way we look at elections.

I wish for a candidate who was honest and trustworthy.  Maybe the candidates I see standing at their podiums for debate nights are these things.  I’m sure if I talked to their spouses and children and grandchildren, I’d find that they are great people with big hearts.  But seeing them and hearing them, I just have trouble getting to that place where I believe they’re honest and trustworthy.  Maybe the fame overshadows it.  Maybe the noise makes it hard to find.  Maybe the ugliness of our election process makes finding the true character of each candidate difficult.  But I wish it could be more visible.  I wish I could trust the person I’ll vote for to put in charge of this country I call home.  I wish I could trust the candidate that will make decisions that will effect me, my family and my children’s future.

Maybe I’m too cynical.  Maybe I can’t see what I want to see because I don’t want to find it.  I hate what I see from all side at this stage.  It’s ugly.  Is it supposed to be?  Are we supposed to assassinate each other’s character in the name of winning.  Is this how this goes?  This is not what I’m hoping to teach my children about winning, about life.  I want them to grow up not putting others down in the name of making themselves greater.  I want them to risk “losing” sometimes if it means being kind and honest and humble.  I want them to see themselves as wonderful yet on level ground with those around them.  Valuing everyone regardless of opinions or color or cash.  I know this isn’t the way elections go.  I know it might be too dreamy…a wishful unicorn and rainbow idea.  But I wish for a candidate who maybe believes a little bit of this too.

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