if it looks like fraud…

We live in a fairly rural location.  We have one option in internet providers.  Frontier.  We haven’t necessarily been thrilled with them.  Slow speeds, irritating customer service.  But it’s our only viable option.  And we’re not willing to go without internet.

Sweet ginger boy has been asking for one thing, and one thing only for Christmas – faster internet.  So, today I thought I’d call our little provider to see if they had anything faster than what we have.  Lucky for me, I had recently been introduced to speedtest.net.  I was armed with our actual speeds when I called.  Valuable information I would soon discover.

After going through some options with the kind representative, I mentioned that I didn’t know if I wanted to add the additional line given our speeds currently were WELL below the package we were paying for.  She asked the speed & when I told her it was at 2 Mbps, she immediately sent me to Tech Support.

What a guy that tech guy was.  What a guy!  Friendly, helpful, patient.  He pulled up the account and said straight away “Well, that’s weird, there’s a provision on your account for 2 Mbps!”  To which I replied, “What does that mean?”  I learned that that means that someone capped our Mbps download speeds at 2 even though I pay for 12.  Hmmmm.  I asked how it happened.  “Not sure.  could have been a typo or an error by a technician. Hard to say.”  He took the necessary steps to begin to correct the problem & I’m happy to report that currently our internet is up to a whopping 6 Mbps {I’m still paying for 12…}

So, for the past nearly 2 years I’ve been faithfully paying my internet bill on time assuming that I was paying and receiving 12Mbps.  The next plan down is $10 cheaper a month and promises up to 6Mbps downloads.  Hmmmm.  I think an adjustment is in order.  I ask the kind tech support guy to transfer me to billing or customer service & he happily did.

I am connected with a man and I begin to explain the past hour of my life regarding internet speeds.  He cares very little for my problem & offers me a staggering {insert sarcasm font here} $25 credit + one month free at my current rate.

“mmmm.  Yes, that is not really adequate.  May I speak with a supervisor please?”

Here’s where the fun begins.  Jason, the escalating situations supervisor enters the picture.  He begins to ask me about the situation.  So I begin to tell him about the 2 Mbps cap when I’ve been paying for 12 & how I don’t think I should have been charged when it was capped at 2…He basically then took control of the conversation & informed me that he wasn’t seeing any support for what I was telling him.  I explained about the nice Tech Support guy & his help.  Again he mentioned that he saw no record of this, that it just says there was a computer error in our account.  I explained that the computer error was a provision on my internet download speeds at 2Mbps.  I then asked if he was saying that I was lying about this situation.  He then escalated.  Guess that’s why they call him the escalating situation supervisor.  The next few minutes I was told that it was my fault I hadn’t noticed the problem sooner, there should have been a record of my complaining about internet speeds earlier.  As I was defending why I didn’t call and complain sooner,  I was basically told to shut up so he could actually read the file, he couldn’t concentrate.  mmmmmmm.

After much silence {on my part – I know when to shut up} I was given a credit…piddly.

I then took to social media. I’m pretty sure that Escalating Jason was irritated because Tech Guy wasn’t supposed to tell me that a provision had been placed on my account.  I think that must be a deep-dark company secret.  Otherwise that would mean that Frontier is dabbling in—-fraud.


Well, I’m calling fraud on this.  F•R•A•U•D  fraud!  They advertise internet speeds on their commercials & website.  We purchase the internet speeds.  We are then completely at their mercy.   At their discretion they can apply whatever provision they feel is adequate & hope we don’t notice & become a social media squeaky wheel.  We have absolutely NO way to know if a provision has been placed on our account!   They keep our money for 12Mbps & give us 2.  That my friends is the definition of FRAUD.  And we have no other internet option available to us.  Not one!  Frontier knows this.  Makes me want to escalate!

Seems I’m not the only one with capping troubles.  Here’s a link to a lawsuit Frontier Communications settled with some residents just this month in West Virginia over capping their internet at 1.5Mbps.  Classy, real classy.  Frontier, you should be ashamed of your business practices.

2 thoughts on “if it looks like fraud…

  1. Are you serious!? Wow! Thanks for the test speed..we are sitting at a whopping 1.5-woohoo (yes, that was sarcasm) We too have only one “good” option..oh to be at 6 you lucky duck! 🙂

  2. Tweet it out, Kim. After dealing with Thermador about their faulty stove that caught on fire, it only took two tweets to have our money refunded for us to purchase a new stove. Good luck!

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