It’s a BIG fight!

Sometimes I forget just exactly how BIG cancer is.  That sounds ridiculous even to type.  Perhaps it’s a wanting to forget.  Perhaps it’s an “everyone else is moving on”.  Perhaps it’s just denial wrapped in a little wishful thinking.  For a moment – just a moment – when he’s feeling good, when his sarcasm is at peak performance, when he’s laughing & gaming & being a regular 16-year old boy, it’s easy to forget just exactly how serious the fight is that he’s waging.  For a blink, all seems “normal”.

But then chemo.  About now, about a week since the first drug was pumped into his system for this latest round, I’m jolted back to the reality that my sweet ginger boy is fighting a battle for his very life.  His blood factories are shutting down & with those his blood cells are on the rapid decline.  White blood cells that fight infection will soon be dipped to dangerously low levels.  Hemoglobin will drop to levels that will make him beyond exhausted with headaches.  And platelets will disappear making blood clotting nearly impossible.  Everyday things that we never even think of {the common cold, a nose bleed, a small cut, an unvaccinated acquaintance} suddenly become big ticket items.  And co-mingle that with mouth & throat sores that make eating difficult…battle!  As the cancer dies, risks abound.  Killing cancer is ridiculously difficult!! Ridiculous!  This is not a battle for the weak or those that throw in the towel with ease.  Luckily, Alex is stubborn {perhaps my “strong-willed child”}.  He’s doing a great job…but it’s really, really tough!

He told me as we drove home from Children’s on Tuesday night that the key to all of this is “attitude, laughter and sarcasm”.  I agree.  {But would tack on that some amazing oncologist who know what they’re doing doesn’t hurt either!}  \

I took some pictures of this most recent round of chemo.  He was feeling much better than in round 1 and didn’t mind the camera {as much}.  Cancer from the inside.  From the mama’s perspective.  Thanks for continued prayers.

2 thoughts on “It’s a BIG fight!

  1. Thanks for the update. Prayers continuing for you all.

    On a completely different subject: I printed all of your wonderful thanksgiving printables X 8. Our ladies guild at church is having a Parade of Tables luncheon as a fundraiser, and the theme I chose for my table was ” Thanksgiving”. I printed each of my guests a complete copy for them to have at their own Thanksgiving tables. I know they will love them as much as I do. I wrapped each bundle in ribbon, none with the same verse on the front. Will send you pics next week when table is set. Thank you for the gift.

    1. what a great idea for the Thanksgiving cards!! thank you for sharing. I cannot wait to see a picture of them bundled up. Clever!!

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