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What a week.  Anyone else just longing to exhale the entire week & wake up to a new beginning tomorrow?  I am.  Anyone exhausted from the name-calling and bickering?  I am.  Anyone else wishing they could escape completely?  I am.

It’s noisy here.  America has been noisy this week.  Everyone with an opinion is sharing it.  Loudly.  With desperation.  With arrogance.  Everyone is right.  Everyone else is wrong.  Boisterous.  Deafening.  I’m tired of listening.  {Red cup controversies look pretty calm these days!}

I am confused.  I hear one thing that sounds right followed by another opinion that also sounds right followed by another, and another, and another.  I can’t find my way up.  Like I’m sinking without any way to know which direction leads to the surface.  Trusted, wise people whom I can always count on to help me calibrate my compass are polar opposites this week.  It is disheartening.  And adds to the anxiousness I feel.

The folks that I have put in charge of my security as an American are fighting too.  They are name calling and accusing.  I can’t see through all the posturing to know what is best for this nation, for my family, for me.  I see their lips move, but I trust not a one of them.  Not. One.  They have more information than I ever will {thankfully} and they are talking, but I don’t know if I can believe what they say.  Are they looking to help us be safe.  Or are they looking to secure their re-election bid.  I can’t be sure.

I want there to be an answer that is both 100% full of compassion and 100% full of security. Can that answer even exist?  Even be found?  Is security even something that exists?  Compassion can be tangible.  Security is only conceptual.  Often false.

“Do not fear.”  Easier said than done.  I am truly afraid of men in masks with knives and guns and bombs strapped to themselves.  Men who are more than willing to die.  Who want to die.  This is terrifying.  And this fear, it is real.  It is palpable.  However irrational.  For I know that I’m far more likely to be affected by an American shooting up a movie theater or school or mall than a foreign terrorist.  Or in a car accident.  Or a terrible elevator tragedy.  But I am far more fearful of the terrorist than the others.

Perhaps you were looking for some insight here.  I have very little to offer. Because I really don’t know.  It is all too much.  I want to do the right thing.  I want to be compassionate, but I want to also be wise.  And safe.  I’m not sure those coexist.

What I do know for sure is I would love to hear a true discussion on the topics that we face.  Refuges?  Visa Waivers? I am tired of the arrogance from everyone.  Yes, everyone.  No one has all the answers & to assume otherwise is arrogance.  We must be willing to meet in the middle, to hear each other out, without acting like preschoolers on the playground who resort to name calling and character assaults.  We are all on the same team.  Have we forgotten this?  We are ALL Americans.  Yes, all of us.  We must work together or fall divided.  To do this, we must be willing to listen, share, listen and compromise.

But above all else we must be willing to love the unlovable, pray for our enemies & pray for our leaders.  That’s almost too radical to comprehend  That is the only advice I can muster.   The difficult assignment to love one another.



2 thoughts on “it’s radical

  1. I’m going to make an educated guess or two based on your “About” page, Kim, and see if I can’t help you clarify the essential issue a bit. Jesus was born a refugee. He didn’t teach us to love when it’s safe to do, but because it is needed, and because we need to do it to transform the world. Though his life was in danger from the same ones who robbed and left a man for dead, the Samaritan acted to help, because the victim’s need was dire, and it’s the correct action to take.

    Our government is doing what it did before, and people are exhibiting the same kind of fear of “the other” humans and other animals have shown before. You and I must do better, because we know better.

    According to UNHCR, the authority our government uses to define and count refugees, about 75% of these people are women and children. It takes between 18 and 24 months to vet them because current law requires we verify their stories before finding a place for them. You would think it wouldn’t take 30 seconds to determine how dangerous a three year-old war orphan is, but they all get subjected to the same process.

    I enjoyed reading!

  2. I thank you for your comment. I very much want to agree. I very much know that Jesus has called us to help…help the orphans, the widows, the unseen in this world…without any determination of whether they are worthy of our help. And I want to radically fulfill that assignment. But I know too that those longing to hurt us are crafty & clever. I would love to believe that there is a way to help the ones who truly need help, without allowing evil to sneak in at the same time. And I do recognize that America’s Visa Waiver program has likely been the easiest entry in for many wanting to bring terror to our land. So to condemn the Syrian refuge program & halt it, without a serious look into our other failing custom and immigration policies is futile & draws only from fear born from Paris. I know that the refuges pose a small risk, most are innocent people fleeing from the same terror that I am fearful of. But for the same reasons I don’t invite the homeless man from the corner to come stay with me and my family, I don’t want to invite these folks to come stay with me either. But! Did God call me to determine whether they are worthy of my help? Did he promise compassion would be met with ease of life? Quite the contrary. I think He promised that this life would be hard & we would be persecuted because of Him, and regardless we should continue to be known by our love. That is a hard calling. That is a daily struggle. That is more than I want to do. Because fear is great. But Love…I have to believe that love is greater!

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