Let them be employed!

Acroprint-150-2Stop it!  How can this be?

Employed.  My baby has a job.  A real-life, needs to fill out paperwork, going to get a paycheck job.  J.O.B.  What happened?  He was just a red-haired, brown-eyed screaming little guy in my arms.  Now he’s all tall & manly & driving & employed.  Amazing how children grow & get older &, ridiculous as it seems, I do not.  {straight face, friends}

But seriously, it really is this mama’s dream, I must admit.  Not necessarily that he be employed today, but that he be employed in life. That he knows how to get a job, keep a job, work for a boss, be on time, do stuff that’s not any fun but has to be done just because it’s your job.  That he has an understanding that to get a raise, you have to put in some time & put forth a good attitude & work ethic.  Training them up while the consequences are still minimal is my favorite parenting motto…maybe my only motto…except bed time is necessary & rolling eyes leads to rolling that phone right into mama’s hand & your ego is not your amigo…


I listen enough to Dr. Laura {you know you love her!} to know that there is something happening in our culture with our boys.  It’s pretty much unique to our most-recent generations.  They never learn to live on their own, never need to leave home because everything’s so easy on the homefront.  They let mama & papa pay the bills, cook the food, lauder the laundry.  They get to sit in darkened bedrooms {likely cleaned by mama} and play video games.  What a deal!  Sha•weet!  Why leave?  So they never leave home.  Let that sink in slowly.  Never. Leave. Home.  I love my boys {and girl} & I love them being home.  For now.  But heaven help me if I’m still providing their food & laundry service when they’re in their late 20’s and 30’s. {unless it’s a unusual situation involving a life hardship}  I love them & want them to like home but,  I really, really, really want them to fly…to get out there, to meet the love of their life or decide to pursue adventure, to try stuff & sometimes succeed.  I don’t want to make life so fabulous here at my house that I rob them of the adventure of flying without me.  How selfish that would be?  Sel•Fish!  And I want my kiddos to learn what it’s like to live on mac n’ cheese eaten out of mismatched thrift store bowls because that’s all that’s affordable.  Because when you learn to live on nothing, and work to get a little something, that something is precious & valued.  These are the moments that grow them.  When they open it up, see that they’re made of good stuff & fly.

Employment.  Not exactly a guarantee that the red head will fly out of this nest for good one day.  But I think it’s a good first step with lots of great lessons to be learned.

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