New Month :: New Challenge

January was Nothing New Month.

February is Whole30 Month.doing-the-w30-IG

I know.  I know.  I have said I will NEVER do Whole30.  I have said that.  Many, many times.  I may have even been a little bit hostile about the whole thing.  But here’s the deal.   Anyone who’s ever dealt with or dabbled in any eating disorder & come out on the other side {the healthy side} will generally be adamant about their desire to never play games with food rules.  Food rules can be dangerous.

So, why the change in heart?  Well, it all started last year when I ran my first full marathon.  I had always been hesitant against doing a full marathon for a similar reason.  As dangerous as food rules can be, exercise requirements can be just as slippery of a slope.    But I really wanted to complete a full & with a lot of intentionality, I was able to do the training & didn’t slip into any unhealthy habits.  And then I got to thinking…if I can do this, maybe I can try Whole30.  So here goes nothing.

What is Whole30?  I’d first recommend this book & this one too.  All questions answered.  And if anything remains unanswered, the website is very informative.  But in a nutshell :: No Sugar, No Grains, No Legumes, No Dairy, No Alcohol, No Carrageenan, MSG or Sulfites.  But everything else is totally ok *sarcastic smile* Fruit, Veggies, Meat, Coffee, Tea, Sparkling Water.  It’s all good!

For me, I’m doing Whole30 as a reset. The holidays were whimsical. They were frivolous.  They were very…filling.  I have never in all my life indulged in so much food & drink.  Some were good choices, some were not so much.  And all that has left me feeling bloated, uncomfortable, tired with itchy skin & blemishes.  Really.  And I’m certain much is related to the food & drink that has been thrown in my mouth.  Time to reset the system!

What is most difficult about Whole30?  Well, I’m at day 1, so I don’t have a lot of experience, but I can say that I was terrified about coffee creamer.  Yes.  Coffee Creamer.  It’s a  And cream is also off limits.  And sugar too.  How is one to enjoy a cup of Joe without anything that can make it taste less like coffee & more like yum?  I almost decided against the whole program on account of this conundrum.   Truth be told though, my alternative plan was the Daniel Fast and that has zero coffee…so never mind that.  I spent yesterday reading up on coffee on Whole30.  This morning…black coffee and a smidgen of full on fat coconut milk.  Different than my chemical laden coffee creamers of old, but still good.  Delicious.  Really.  I speak truth here.  After my first cup this morning…I can totally do this.  Whole30 – you’re mine!

So, here it goes.  Day #1 down.  I will not take pictures of everything we’re eating.  Promise.  But I’ll share how it’s going, how I’m feeling, what’s hard, what’s not so awful.  And if a recipe makes me smile, I’ll share it.  If you’re interested, check out my Pinterest Board “Get In My Belly! – Whole30”.  There’s a lot there.  Good luck!  happy eating.

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