Nothing New Month

The last few days since we rang in 2016 have been filled with sorting, organizing, tossing & rearranging.  Why does taking the Christmas tree down always lead to rummaging through boxes and toys and closets and drawers?  And all that rummaging leads to the dreaded “why do we have all this stuff!”  Or is that just me?

I could be a minimalist.  Completely.  I could live with a wardrobe capsule. No problemo!  I could live in a tiny house (if it weren’t for the investment loss & tax deduction of mortgage interest).  I could do it.  Purge could be my middle name.  Yet, alas, we still have stuff.  Too much stuff.

And, though it was so long ago, I can still remember just 10 days ago.  Opening boxes and bags full of more stuff.  Seriously?!?  And now I find myself sorting through the stuff we already have to make room for the stuff we just received.  Is this insanity?

But wait.  It gets worse!  My inbox is plumb full of emails screaming at me about all the deals out there available to me.  Deals I can’t afford to miss.  There’s a limited time and I don’t want to miss out.  They have slashed prices.  Because retailers have too much stuff too, I suppose, and they need to make room for spring attire & decor.  Vicious, vicious cycle.

I almost got all caught up in it too.  I almost clicked through clothing stores {hello, Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale!!} and loaded up my cart and my doorstep with boxes full of more stuff.  They are so sneaky, those retailers.  But I caught myself before I clicked buy & slapped myself in the head & told myself “NO MORE STUFF!”

Please don’t read this post as some sort of finger-pointing post.  I don’t care if you buy stuff.  I’m usually all for a good deal & wouldn’t pass up a great sale for anything.  Buy whatever you’re little heart’s desire!  But for me.  For this family.  For this month it’s:

nothing new month

It’s a challenge, not going to lie.  We are (well, I am) so in the habit of just buying what I need (scratch that) want.  I buy what I want.  I want a new cardigan sweater, I buy it.  I want a new pair of running pants, I buy them. My kids want a new pair of pants, I buy them.  My house seems to be lacking a little something, I buy some new decor.  I have to admit that there are very few things that I actually “need”.  I have clothes, I have a good coat, a good hat, good mittens, plenty of shoes.  And so do all the other people who live in this house.  My home is well stocked and decorated alright.  Needs are very, very limited.  Probably could sum it up to food only.  Perhaps toilet paper.  Food & toilet paper.  Really.  Really.

So, January.  Nothing new.  Might be more challenging than it sounds.  To intentionally set out to buy nothing that I don’t need is a bit of a challenge.  It’s more of a change in shopping habits than anything else.    You know it’s true.  I walk though the automatic doors at the store with a red bullseye.  I push my cart up and down aisles and aisles of goodness.  So many sparkly, shiny, new, wonderful things.  Things I never knew I wanted.  Things that are certain to make me & my kids & my house just a bit better.  Certainly.  I enter with eleven things I need & leave with 73 things I never knew existed!  It’s like a drug.  A bad habit.  A very bad habit.  A habit that need to break.  And breaking habits is hard stuff.  {Talk to my fingernails}

I intend to break this habit this month.  Nothing new.  Might mean I abstain from the store with the red bullseye.  Might mean I abstain from the mall.  I certainly cannot set foot in Nordstrom {Half-Yearly Sale! hello!}  I should not browse through catalogs, browse through the internet stores…I should find other things to fill my time. Since when did shopping become a recreational activity anyway?

You’ll find me this month at the grocery store.  That might be it.  So if you’re looking for me, I’ll be either there or at home.  Maybe I’ll clean, maybe I’ll craft (heavens knows I have enough supplies on stock), maybe I’ll read or write or play with the chickens.  So, many possibilities.

Want to join in?  Leave me a comment & tell me what your plan for success will be.  We can follow up at the month-end and see how it all went.  Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Nothing New Month

  1. I am SO glad you found out how to comment. I’m not a huge fan of how they have it set up. Oh well. You are right! I think nearly all of my “want” spending comes from my desire to be super-mom, super-wife. Just plain super. And super never came from a purchase, but from character. That’s a less on I could learn. Daily! 🙂 keep on commenting!

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