Was it just a couple of weeks ago that I sat for two days in a hot barn while people shared too much & rummaged through our belongings?  It was a delightful time.  absolutely.

When the door closed after that final long, quiet hour of no one, I imagined packing up all the unsold stuff & dropping at my local thrift store.  Unfortunately, great plans at the Weed house sometimes lack follow through.  Bags of belongings have remained stationed at the door {just in case} for nearly a month now, waiting to be taken away.  waiting.

Then, I discovered ThredUp.  And then this little envelope arrived.


Have you heard of it?  Here’s the gist:

They send you a postage paid polka-dotted package.



You fill it up with nearly new, name brand, freshly laundered items you no longer want.  They go through your stuff & pay you for what they want.  They will return the things they can’t accept {for a fee of $12.99 paid in advance by you} or will donate them.  You receive your cash & smile.  happy!

They have some specific brands they take and {more importantly} those brands they will not. Everything is listed & detailed here.

I’m not kidding myself.  I know I’m not going to get a ton for any of the things I’m sending in this first batch.  From their estimated payouts they have listed, I’m not going to be swimming in my pools of cash.  But that’s ok.  It’s less work than a garage sale.

And you can shop the site too.  Everything they take in, they resell.  It is a consignment store, after all.  And there are some deals to be had.  I do love a bargain. Why ever pay full retail?  This site has quite a selection at a great price.

Here’s what I packed up & shipped off:

  • 4 shirts from White House Black Market
  • 2 pairs of shoes from White House Black Market
  • 2 pairs of girls colored jeans from P.S. Aeropostale
  • 2 pairs of girls denim from P.S. Aeropostale
  • 1 dress from Gymboree
  • 2 coats from Gymboree
  • 1 sweater from Justice
  • 1 sweater from P.S. Aeropostale
  • 1 shirt from P.S. Aeropostale

Wow!  Full package for them.  I’ll keep you posted on whether it’s worth it.  And if you want to give it try {either buying or selling} click here.

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exodus 14:14

exodus 14.14

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tiny parts…

I was about 14.  I was a GA at my local church.  We were helping put together layettes for the local crisis pregnancy center.  I remember I didn’t even know what a layette was.  Turned out it was all the cutest of the cute things for babies – onesies, diapers, little bitty socks, binkies, bottles, tiny pink & blue hats & blankets.  How could a 14 year old girl not love sorting through all that cuteness?  We meticulously made little girl baskets & little boy baskets, imagining how fun they would be to receive.

I didn’t know what abortion was.  I didn’t know it even existed.  I had only recently realized that people who weren’t married were having sex & having babies.  Naïveté.  The day we delivered our little blue & pink bundles to the crisis pregnancy center I learned all about abortion & pro-choice & pro-life…anti-abortion & pro-abortion.  There was a line with two sides clearly drawn. No straddling the line.  Pick a side.

You may say that I was “brainwashed”, “indoctrinated” into a pro-life position that day.  Perhaps.  Fourteen year olds are quite impressionable, I would agree.  But I’ve done some research since those teen years, and I still cannot find a way to change my mind on this issue.

To me, that fetus is a baby.  Alive from the very first moment it is created.  I cannot believe otherwise.  No argument will change my belief on that.  None.

Likewise, if you hold a pro-choice position, believing abortion is alright, I doubt you will change your belief on that no matter what the argument.

We have all seen the same 4-D ultrasound technology of babies/fetuses in the womb.  We all have the ability to decide if that’s alive.  We all have the ability to determine whether removing that from the mommy’s womb is killing or something benign.

So here’s the thing, we seem stuck.  A line with two sides.  I’ve picked my side.  You’ve picked your side.  Maybe we’re on the same side, maybe we’re not.  Regardless if we agree, we must still be kind to one another.  We can go about without name calling, without degrading each other, without being cruel.  Both sides. We can.  We must.  This isn’t about who’s a moron or who’s an idiot.  It does no one any good to throw those names around.  No Good.

So, per the buzz of today…

Do I care that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts, if in fact they are? I guess.

But the bigger issue to me is that they have baby parts.  They have baby parts.  From babies.  Parts.

I’m saddened that there are parts.  I’m saddened that in the safety of a mommy’s womb, babies are taken apart.  I’m saddened because I believe these are babies, not just bundles of tissue.  Babies.

Do I believe that tax dollars should fund abortion? No.

So here’s my deal.  I pay taxes.  I have no legal choice to not pay my taxes.  None.  And my tax dollars get all cozy & commingled with everyone else’s tax dollars.  And they pay someone to perform abortions.  These dollars pay for babies to die.  And I don’t want that.  I don’t want to pay for abortions.  I say “defund” simply because of this.  Not because I want women to go without healthcare.  Absolutely not!  I will gladly contribute to women’s healthcare.  But I cannot agree with paying for abortions.  I disagree with abortions.  Fundamentally, from my core.  So deeply is this belief rooted.  I don’t want to pay for abortions.  I don’t.

I think my wanting to defund Planned Parenthood comes from my grief that they are taking the lives of babies, rather than the fact that are possibly selling baby parts.  Tiny hearts and little brains and livers and kidneys and more.  What has been wrong with me?  I should have been outraged already that my government is paying for babies to be killed, regardless of whether the parts ended up in the rubbish or on the black market.  Does it really matter?  What’s better the landfill or a research lab?

But if I truly say that I don’t want to pay for abortions, then I need to look at my consumer dollars as well as my tax dollars!  Thing is, I might be {most likely 100% sure I am} paying for abortions regardless of the feds because I purchase products & services from companies that fund PP.  These are choices.  To have a Starbucks coffee, to buy Energizer batteries…and I’ll have to settle that in my conscience.  And it’s something everyone standing on this side needs to examine & consider before chanting “defund!”  Otherwise, how hypocritical.

To call for defunding, means to look at my wallet, to see where I give my dollars.  Planned Parenthood is funded by all kinds of companies in all kinds of industries.  Not just the federal government.  I must take action, regardless of how inconvenient {heeeelllllllooooo, Starbucks!} if I’m serious about what I’m wanting.  I must also defund.  I cannot be a hypocrite.  Can I eliminate 100% of my choice dollars from going to Planned Parenthood.  I wish.  But most likely some of my dollars will still fund abortions.  It’s an unfortunate part of legal abortions.  But to be aware & make the decisions without blinders on, is necessary.

This is no easy issue.  It’s a “hot topic” for a reason.  It is heated & the discussions surrounding it are intense.  I think it’s ok to be passionate about it, after all it is a life or death topic.  But it must be a civil conversation, no matter the level of heat surrounding it.

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three words

Exactly five weeks from this very moment I will be waking up Ginger, E and BabyGirl for their first day of school!  Five weeks!  Eek!

I know there may be some of you who love summer vacation.  Love the laid-back, non-scheduled, without routine lazy days of summer.  I am not one of you.  I enjoy it for about the first three weeks & that’s primarily due to the lack of homework-which I adore!!  But then sometime in about week 4 I begin to forget the homework battle and begin to remember the comfort of routine.  And I long for those 3 words – Back to School.

Ginger will begin High School this autumn.  High School!  When did that happen?  “Things Count Now!” I keep repeating to him, hoping that he’ll actually listen and understand that “things count now!”.  E will be in 7th grade.  I clearly remember 7th grade.  Clearly.  I remember my locker, my locker partner {hey Nicole!}, my classes, my friends.  I remember feeling awkward, out of place, and hoping to just fit in somewhere.  7th grade was tough.  I don’t know if it’s that way for boys i hope not.  And BabyGirl begins Middle School.  Ugh!  Although just a fifth grader, here in our district that’s middle school.  I have no one at the Elementary any more.  Those year have drifted away.  Sad?  maybe a little.  But she’s beyond over the moon to be in middle school!

So, five more weeks.  All three kiddos head to church camp for a week here soon {yes, all 3-all gone-all week!!  glorious!}  back to school will really be here before I know it.  And you can bet on my complaining at about week three about all the homework & wishing for these lazy summer days 😉  Guess I better sit back and enjoy these moments – all the wrappers and cans everywhere, the popcorn all over the floor in front of the tv, the bedrooms I cannot see the floors of and the giggles from the pool and food that disappears from the pantry faster than I can stock it.  It will be replaced soon with books and pencils and reports and last minute projects…

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& we are His

psalm 100.3

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Pinterest Try: Tangy Cucumber Soup

pinterest and meI am swimming in cucumbers.  A dozen massive cukes every single time I look in the garden.  There are only so many cucumbers one family can eat, my friends.  I took a load to the food shelf today & from the look on the volunteer’s face who took them, I think she was also thinking “there are only so many cucumbers that one can eat, my friend”.

So what to do with all these cucumbers?  Pinterest is the only logical answer.  While scouring the biggest recipe collection on the planet, I ran across a recipe for cold cucumber soup.  Now I must admit I ignored it at first as the hubs & I had a very bad experience several years back with an awful batch of gazpacho, but all. those. cucumbers.

The original recipe is from Food & Wine.  Tangy Cucumber Soup.  It looks amazing!  I couldn’t wait to try.

I followed the recipe exactly.  It was quite easy to prepare, requiring minimal utensils.  I used all fresh, good quality ingredients {since there are so few, you gotta make each one count}.  As you can see my version lacks the bright, vibrant green shade of the pinterest version.  Could be photo magic, I suppose, but I was slightly disappointed in the blah color of mine.  But the flavor was fantastic!  It was fresh, like summer.  It tasted like a cool cucumber that had just been picked from the garden.  My kids all said it tasted a bit like a dill pickle {guess that would be the dill}.  My husband, still unable to get past that gazpacho debacle of the last decade, didn’t enjoy it too much, but did tell me it was nice.  I’ll take that.

This recipe gets a 3.5/5 stars from me.  I would make it again {heaven knows I have enough cucumbers}.  Give it a try.  Let me know what you think.  Good luck with all your Pinterest tries!

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Be still…cold brew deliciousness.


I am a gal who seldom does anything on a whim.  Analytical, calculated, planned.  These describe me.  Whim?  Yeah, not really.  But this was a whim of amazingness!  Have you tried this?  I mixed mine up in a big ole’ glass with ice & cream & sugar.  Real stuff, nothing fake.  Holy Hannah.  Oh boy.  This.


It started bad.  Friday morning I awoke to a thunderstorm.  Downpour of rain & flashes of lightning.  Ugh!  Lucky for me the storm ended just in time to get my signs out, just a few minutes before opening. Signs.  Bright pink.  Easy to see.  I was nearly done with placement at all the major road crossings I could find and I headed to the barn to open ‘er up.  Drats!  Left the barn keys at the house.  Flip the car around and head back to the house.  What’s this?  Mud at the barn? What’s this?  Car sliding through the mud at the barn?!  What the what?  Car stuck in the mud!  Can it get worse?  Flip flops on my feet!  Seriously!  But lucky for me goodness really does exist & some nice guy who said he loved to use his tow-strap every chance he could {which my dear hubby said was clearly some weird mid-west pickup line}, was able to get me out.  Let the sale begin!

I sat in a hot, stuffy barn for two days with our worn out, no longer desired stuff in hopes that they would be someone else’s can’t live without treasures.  I did meet a lot of interesting characters with all kinds of stories to tell.  Amazing what strangers share with each other while they’re rummaging through stacks of old kids clothing.  Something intimate & inviting, I suppose, about going through people’s personal belongings that makes you want to open up.  And share. Too much.  One nice lady offered a wonderful critique of my bright pink signs.  She said the people across the street were also having a sale & they had placed a bright pink sign in their yard.  She felt it was terribly confusing that we both had pink signs.  She suggested I change my signs to bright green – less confusion she said.  Sure.  Great tip.  Next time. Better yet…no next time!

But it’s done now.  Everything that didn’t go, is gone off to meet a new family at our local thrift store.  And I’m nearly 100% certain next time I’ll bypass the sale part altogether & just package it all up for the thrift store in the first place.

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