Pinterest Try: Tangy Cucumber Soup

pinterest and meI am swimming in cucumbers.  A dozen massive cukes every single time I look in the garden.  There are only so many cucumbers one family can eat, my friends.  I took a load to the food shelf today & from the look on the volunteer’s face who took them, I think she was also thinking “there are only so many cucumbers that one can eat, my friend”.

So what to do with all these cucumbers?  Pinterest is the only logical answer.  While scouring the biggest recipe collection on the planet, I ran across a recipe for cold cucumber soup.  Now I must admit I ignored it at first as the hubs & I had a very bad experience several years back with an awful batch of gazpacho, but all. those. cucumbers.

The original recipe is from Food & Wine.  Tangy Cucumber Soup.  It looks amazing!  I couldn’t wait to try.

I followed the recipe exactly.  It was quite easy to prepare, requiring minimal utensils.  I used all fresh, good quality ingredients {since there are so few, you gotta make each one count}.  As you can see my version lacks the bright, vibrant green shade of the pinterest version.  Could be photo magic, I suppose, but I was slightly disappointed in the blah color of mine.  But the flavor was fantastic!  It was fresh, like summer.  It tasted like a cool cucumber that had just been picked from the garden.  My kids all said it tasted a bit like a dill pickle {guess that would be the dill}.  My husband, still unable to get past that gazpacho debacle of the last decade, didn’t enjoy it too much, but did tell me it was nice.  I’ll take that.

This recipe gets a 3.5/5 stars from me.  I would make it again {heaven knows I have enough cucumbers}.  Give it a try.  Let me know what you think.  Good luck with all your Pinterest tries!

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