Quiet Place & Rest

Things around the Weed house have begun to return to normal. Whatever the heck “normal” is. But if it means we all gather around a table for dinner every night – we’re normal. If is means we all sleep in the same zip code – we’re normal. If it means we get up and go to school and work and do things that are not in any way related to medicine – we’re almost normal.

As the clouds begin to part and give way to more steady rays of sunshine, I find myself completely out of breath. Like I’ve been running and running, not realizing just exactly how much or how hard, and I finally crossed the finish line to discover I’m exhausted. The adrenaline has worn off, the intense focus to just keep going to reach the goal has diminished and, while I’m enjoying the sun on my face, I struggle to fully inhale a relaxing, deep, cleansing breath.

It doesn’t help that everywhere around me is noise. Noise, noise, noise. Are you hearing it too? Perhaps it’s more obnoxious to me because I’ve been living in a parallel universe {no, really} for the past 11 months. I paid very little attention to the goings on of our world, with laser focus on my immediate family. But now as I come up for air, all I hear is crazy chaos. Everywhere. The news is filled with it. My social media feeds are filled with it. The conversations with people are filled with it. Everywhere. There’s black. There’s white. You’re in. You’re out. It’s either good or it’s bad. And it’s absolutely deafening noise.

My heart just can’t take it. My mind just can’t take it. I don’t want to take it.

“Come with me privately to an isolated place & rest a while.” -Jesus

Let’s set the scene::

Jesus had sent his disciples out. His instructions included “take nothing for the journey except a staff – no bread, no bag, no money…wear sandals but not two tunics…stay in homes with people who invite you, but if you get no invitation, move on.” They were on mission & it was not a vacation.

Then tragedy struck. John the Baptist was beheaded & his head presented to King Herod’s wife’s {who was also his brother Philip’s wife} daughter. So, King Herod’s step daughter & niece, all in one. Weird. Anyway King Herod presented John’s head on a platter. Although we don’t know that Jesus or his disciples knew of John’s beheading, it is likely given that John’s disciples had obtained the body for burial.

The disciples returned from their missionary journeys & we’re told “they reported [to Jesus] all they had done & taught.” I imagine they were excited, with stories upon stories to share with Jesus. As they were sharing, there were people everywhere. We’re told they can’t even eat because of the all commotion around them. Jesus says, “Come with me privately to an isolated place & rest a while.”

The disciples had likely just returned from the most difficult yet rewarding adventure of their lives. And likely the horrible news of the death of John the Baptist had also reached them all as well. They were just catching their breath, but were surrounded by noise…so much so that they couldn’t even get a bite to eat. And Jesus invites them to get away with him & rest. Take a breath. Get somewhere quiet. With each other. With him.

I needed that. Permission {if you want to call it that} to get away, somewhere quiet. With him & the ones who have been running with me. His invitation stands.

I’m trying this month to do just that. To accept his invitation to come with him to somewhere quiet & rest a while. I’m shutting down the noise…on purpose. This is the background on my phone for this month, always reminding me that I’m suppose to be resting in a quiet place…because I forget…and am stubborn sometimes 😉



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