My Twitter & Facebook are blowing up with pictures of delightful Starbucks drinks.  I love Starbucks!  I am a PNW girl after all.  And the drinks that are filling my feeds are the liquid-all-your-calories-in-12-little-ounces kind.  Dessert for breakfast topped with real whipped cream, caramel drizzle & chocolate sprinkles.  Yumm-O!  All that deliciousness makes me want to reload my starbucks app {which is always low} and run to properly caffeinate my morning.  I almost can’t get through all that whip cream to the issue that folks have their panties all in a bunch about.

The simple ombre red coffee cup.

Get over it people.  Starbucks designers decided to go with an ombre red coffee cup for the season.  They simplified the design.  Who cares?

I can imagine the design meeting went something like this:

“Hey, Howard.  We were thinking that we would make the cups really simplified this year.  Maybe just solid red.  What do you think?”

“Yeah.  That sound’s good.  Simple is good.  Maybe instead of solid, we make it ombre. I hear that’s cool.”

“Ok.  Sounds good.  Thanks.”

starbucksThey removed the snowflakes & ornaments & snowmen & sledding polar bears.  Since when did snowflakes & ornaments & sledding polar bears scream ‘baby Jesus was born-let’s celebrate!’?  People have lost their ever-loving marbles.

There are actual issues.  Actual things that need changing in this world, in this nation, in our neighborhoods.  And I promise you {with whipped cream & sprinkles on top} that red coffee cups at Starbucks are not on this list.  It reminds me of asking the presidential candidates about fantasy football.  Same ballpark of importance here.

Talk about adoption.  Talk about refuges.  Talk about widows & the oppressed.  Be outraged by a million-bazillion things, but not red coffee cups at Starbucks.  Please.

Now, I’m off to Starbucks!

{btw.  if this was a stunt by Starbucks to get us all talking about Starbucks & their coffee & to see their delightful calorie-laden drinks all over our news feeds & not be able to resist the temptation to fill up on coffee- Bravo.  You are brilliant.  It is working.}

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