Thankful Cards // part 1 :: Free Printable

Let’s call this a freebie Friday!  Because we all love Friday & we all love freebies!  Especially free printable!  Am I right?

I need many, many reminders to focus on being thankful. I forget sometimes to count my blessing & thank the giver of those things.  Sometimes I’m counting other people’s blessings instead of my own.  Which is utterly stupid, because I have enough blessings to not need to worry about other people’s, but that is the ridiculousness of me being a human.  I don’t count every single blessing of others, just the ones I’d kind-a, sort-a like to be counting in my blessing column.  Ugh!  So yucky!  Truth is my blessings column is probably full enough, if I’d just take a second to really look it over.  Silly humanness.

So to try to remind myself to spend some quality time this month actually thanking the giver of all for every amazing thing he has provided to me in this life, I decided to make some little scripture cards.

IMG_2340And {this is where the freebie part comes in} I’m sharing them with you.  Today I’m including the first 8 thanksgiving printable.  {hopefully more will follow leading up to Thanksgiving}  Scripture that reminds me to look to God and be thankful.  In all circumstances and situations because he is my strength when life is hard & for that I should be thankful also.  So enjoy these little cards!  Print them out on some nice cardstock {i use 65 lb.} and cut them using the cutting guides.  I used my decades old Creative Memories corner rounder to give them a little softness.

IMG_2342Hang them up where you’ll see them.  Or read one each day.  Or memorize them.  Definitely share them with your kids around the dinner table.  And be thankful.  Because we have SO much to be thankful for.  Enjoy!!


More FREE Thanksgiving printables available for download here & here.  Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Thankful Cards // part 1 :: Free Printable

  1. I stumbled across your blog when I was trying to find something more meaningful to put at our place settings for Thanksgiving. I immediately thought of my long forgotten Creative Memories corner rounder when I saw the cards! 🙂

  2. I am thankful for your sharing these wonderful scriptures of Thanksgiving. I am printed them off and will send them in thank your cards when I send them. I will save a copy of all of them in order to have them for future uses. We can never thank God enough for all he has done for us, but this is one way of reminding us to do that.

  3. How did u make the cute little clipboard? I would like to do this as a confirmation gift for my Sunday school kids.

  4. Thank you so much for these encouraging cards, and also your Advent cards! I love what you have done with all these, and your ideas, and am looking forward to using them! When we lived in the States we went to our friends, Dan & Diana’s home, for Thanksgiving one year. It was my favourite Thanksgiving – we had communion together and they had verses printed out in a bowl in the middle of the table – we each took one or two, and read them at the table together after the lovely meal. These verses would be lovely for that if celebrating Thanksgiving, though I plan to use them throughout the year here for general encouragement and praise.

  5. Hello! Love al of your printable verses! I am working on a camp craft and stumbled across your blog. I was wondering what program you used to make these? I really want to use them but need the King James version. Thank you in advance for your time! Have a great week!

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