The finish line

I wish I could completely understand.  Or even just understand a smidgen. But as much as I spin and spin, I just cannot get my head wrapped around this.

It has been reported that the marathon I plan to run this weekend along with thousands of my closest running buddies is going to be the site of a “disruption” by the group Black Lives Matter.  Swell.

“We don’t plan on having any physical contact with runners, but we do plan to make ourselves the finish line,” said Turner.


Well, at least they aren’t planning to have any contact with the runner.  Phew!  {I need a sarcasm font}  They plan to become the finish line.  The images of exactly how this will turn out in my mind are not pretty ones.  After 26 miles I don’t think too many folks are in their completely right state of mind {please read about my state of mind after only 20}.  And everyone I know is running this for the thrill of finishing.  Actually crossing the finish line & getting a time.  Guess that’s the point for the Black Lives Matter protesters…disrupt the dream.

I understand that the Black Lives Matter protesters feel that this is what has happened to them.  {maybe} The dream has been disrupted.  And it’s been disrupted because of the color of their skin.  I’m way out on a limb…as I said earlier I am having a hard time understanding.  Please, supporters of this moment, what is the point of this?  What are you hoping to accomplish by  shutting down a marathon?

“Black Marathon will disrupt, Black Marathon will bring awareness, Black Marathon will bring us closer to ending white supremacy and the institutions that enable it,” the group said in a statement.

All I see is Black Marathon causing me to not understand you at all. It’s causing me to shut down more, to push you aside and wish you’d just go away.  Rather than making me want to actually get inside your thinking & have a chance at seeing it from your opinions, to walk in your shoes, which is the first step towards making a positive change.  Any positive change.  Right now, this morning, all I see is dislike swirled with anger & sprinkled with eye rolling.

“There’s a lot of money involved. Unfortunately, we live in a country where the right people don’t create change until their money is affected,” organizer Rashad Turner tells Twin Cities NBC affiliate, KARE 11. “People who feel like they can sit around and be silent and not participate in bringing white supremacy to an end, they are just as guilty as the systems that perpetuate white supremacy.

Hmmmmm  “people who feel like they can SIT AROUND…”  You’re disrupting a marathon!  No one participating in this thing has been sitting around for the past 4 months.  We’ve all been out running.  {more sarcasm}  But really, how exactly is marathon running = white supremacy? Explain to me, please, how people training for a marathon are guilty of causing white supremacy in this nation of rolling forward? Are you calling me a white supremacist?  You don’t know me.  You have no idea what I think, where I’ve been, what I do?  You have no idea what I fill my time with when I’m not running. Perhaps I’m your biggest ally.  You have no idea.  But is seems you are assuming that because the color of my skin is light that I am a white supremacist or that I support white supremacist ideals.  Uh, Oh!  That sounds like bigoted racism!

I have an idea.  Instead of causing disruption, how about sponsoring a water stop?  Stand out there in support of the folks running by {all color and size and socioeconomic folk}.  Hand them water.  Give them a cheer.  Wave a cowbell.  I’ll give you a high five.  I have to admit I’d be MUCH more likely to sit down, listen to your thoughts and rally your cause knowing that you’d given of your time to help me at a difficult & weak moment.  But perhaps that is not what you’re really seeking.  Perhaps you’re not looking for actual supporters who have the ability to make the positive changes that you’re wanting.  Perhaps you’re looking to divide further.  I don’t know.

I do know that there is a great divide in this country.  And it’s wrong.  That’s true.  But I think the answer is to treat everyone the way that I would want to be treated. Rather than treat everyone the way that I feel they’ve treated me. Treat everyone with compassion, respect, equality & love.  Everyone.  Black, White, Cops, Runner, Homeless, Store Clerks, Wealthy Business Owners.  Everyone.

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2 thoughts on “The finish line

  1. I’m with you, Kim. It’s so hard to understand why anyone would disrupt something like a marathon where people have trained for so long to accomplish something positive. It would be great if the Black Lives Matter folks would train, too…wear shirts supporting their cause…and run!

  2. see, the problem with them making a water stop will somehow show that their lives don’t matter. controversy and shock value is all these clowns go for to push their agenda. not stopping black on black crime. not doing charity work in their communities. nope, interrupting presidential hopefuls, blocking highways, and ruining marathons is the way to go. oh yeah, be sure to support them by purchasing clothing from their website.

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