The Good News

Nearly two months ago I couldn’t imagine the good news.  I heard the word “cancer”, I saw the toll  cancer was taking on my sweet ginger boy.  Good news seemed too far away to grasp.  Too far away to fathom.  Way too far away to even think of for a moment.  But.  {but is sometimes a wonderful word}  But.  Here I sit.  Fifty six days after I first heard “he has lymphoma” & I find myself twirling around good news.  “No sign of lymphoma in his bone marrow.”  Absolutely the most amazing eight words I have ever heard to this point.  Celebration worthy!

I’m learning so very many things through this.  I have about a half a trillion posts about what cancer has taught me {aren’t you excited for those to come? wink}.  But most importantly right now, I’m learning to celebrate whatever is celebration-worthy at the exact moment that the celebration is due.  I have no time to think past the celebration.  Today is a very good day.  Cancer is dying inside my boy.  That is good.  Very good.  Tomorrow might not be as good & I may not celebrate tomorrow.  But today. I must choose to celebrate without hesitation.  Right now.  When the celebration is due.

I’ll be honest.  This is hard.  I have seen within myself a, maybe a, superstitious side that I didn’t know existed.  What if I post a positive post and celebrate a truly celebratory occasion only to have to post sadness or disappointment tomorrow?  Could one lead to the other?   Could celebration lead to disappointment on the next day?  See,  silly.  But I cannot be alone & I’ve read enough Caring Bridge journal posts from fellow mamas of cancer kids to know this isn’t exclusively my thought alone.

Did I do this in our pre-cancer world?  I think so.  I think I’ve always looked ahead. Always a step ahead, looking around the corner.  Running down each path in the fork in the road very quickly to determine which way is best to go.  And all the while passing right over the moments of celebration.  Worried the celebration might be for naught later or not wanting to celebrate until the celebration was final.  The big one.  The finale!

Well, the finale.  I don’t know what words I hope to hear one day.  Maybe it’s “remission”.  Maybe it’s “cancer free”.  Maybe it’s “we got it all!”  Those are really big words with a really big celebration attached.  But in the quest for the finale, I don’t want to pass over the celebrations on the way.  God has sprinkled this story with good news throughout.  Celebrations.  Like balloons all along this journey, I have to take the time to recognize each one and collect for a bouquet at the conclusion.  I must see each one & give Him thanks.  I must not hold out until the finale to praise Him & give Him glory for all that’s happening.

So.  We celebrate.  The tiniest of things.  In the moment.  Not considering what tomorrow will look like or if the finale will ever arrive.  We celebrate.

Flying with balloons
Flying with balloons

4 thoughts on “The Good News

  1. We continue to pray for Alex as well as the whole family. God is so good to give you this…to celebrate.
    We celebrate with you. All our love for today and the days to come

  2. PRAISE GOD!!!! I’m so happy for you, Tears of joy steaming down my face. I understand how you feel, my husband was pronounced cancer free one year ago, and I’m just now comfortable saying it. Blessed Thanksgiving for the Weeks family!!!!!!!

  3. I came to your sight for your free Thanksgiving card printables then started snooping around. I was taken down memory lane when I started realizing you are battling cancer in your family and kept looking til I figured out the story. I will certainly be keeping your son and your family in prayer as you follow this journey God has planned for you. In 2005 our daughter, Chelsea, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26 months old. Ironically, she had very similarly colored hair as your son! When I see a red-headed, blue eyed child I can hardly keep myself from rubbing my hands over that beautiful hair!

    Enjoy every good moment you have and yes, celebrate! No matter what comes in the future, you will never regret every good memory you have hidden in your heart and every time you chose to enjoy the beauty of the moment.

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