ThredUp {sad} and Ebates {hooray!} Update

If you remember a few months back I packed up a package of clothing items that were just taking up space in our closets & dresser drawers.  I decided to give ThredUP a try.  You can read about my package {and my hopes & dreams for that parcel of clothing here}  ThredUp is a new online consignment store. Stores like this are popping up all over the internet & figured what the heck.  I’ll give a go.  I had had luck with purchasing great items from ThredUp for very reasonable rates – so why not?

I received my payout from ThredUp about a month ago.  {cue tiny violin playing sad music}  It was weak.  Really pathetic.  I’m not sure exactly what they are looking for at ThredUp, but clearly it wasn’t what I sent.  And I really, really thought I had been pretty meticulous in the critiquing when selecting things to add to that package.  I made sure everything was spotless & without blemish.  Many of the items were brand-new with tags still attached.  They selected none of those items.  There’s a tinge of rejection here, friends.  My poor items were abandoned by me only to be abandoned again by some cold clothing sorter at a consignment warehouse far, far away.  And they watched as some of their package mates were selected, photographed, priced & made to be celebrities with their pictures all over the internet.  They perhaps even saw their co-parcelers purchased and repackaged for better closets in exotic locations.  abandoned & rejected…

I could have paid a small fee {$12.95 i think} to have all the unaccepted items returned to me, but I thought that seemed risky.  And a risky girl, I am not.  So I guess all the clothing they didn’t select went onto some charitable organization who can use them…I hope.

In hindsight, I should have just kept those things & taken them myself to a charity of my choosing.  The $16.25 I pocketed seems pretty stupid & the clothing could have really been a help to someone in need in my very community.  Lesson learned.

In other news…ebates

I got another Big Fat Check from Ebates!  Last check was $3.04. Plus I got the sign up $10 Target gift card. This check is 7 times as much as that first one.  {I was a math major for a short semester & it clearly shows}  I realize I’m not going to get rich off my Ebates checks.  I’m not even close to shopping for free.  But heck, it’s money that I would have otherwise not received for shopping.  And it’s blasted easy…like putting chickens to bed at night easy!  I’ll break it down:

    1. Go to  {get signed up & return there to do all your online shopping}
    2. Pick from the list of online retailers {& yes, the one you want is most likely there}
    3. Click “shop now”
    4. Shop
    5. Get paid with a Big Fat Check

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

It really couldn’t be any easier.  So simple!  And with Christmas shopping & cyberMonday approaching at a rapid rate – why the heck not get a little jingle back for your purchases?  What are you waiting for?  Start getting paid to shop online here.

Now – go get a nice cup of Starbucks coffee in a beautiful red ombre cup!

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