Throw Back Thursday No.1 {8/26/2008}

IMG_2170I dropped off the littlest Weed at Middle School Orientation yesterday morning.  Middle.  School.

I’m not a terribly emotional gal.  But this has hit. Wham! Middle School.  She’s ready though.  She’s ready.  So, I’ll smile & be ready too.  If I have to.

But while I’m in the midst of preparing myself to be ready for her leap to the halls of terror, errr I mean Middle School, I thought I’d throw it back.  Back to August 26, 2008.  {seven years ago already!!}  She was 3.  It was BabyGirl’s ‘Premier Jour’!

Yesterday was BabyGirl’s first day at the jardin d’enfant (preschool)!  She is attending school in our local village, Veyrier.  She was pretty excited, although when we got to the school, she wrapped her arms around me VERY tightly and said she didn’t want to go.  She buried her head into my shoulder and wouldn’t look at anyone.  I walked around the room, pointing at all the fun new toys and “big kid” things that were awaiting a big girl like her to play with.  Finally, her teacher from last year, Barbara, approached and she gladly wrapped her arms around her neck and let Barbara have her.  P8243934

By the time the boys and I got to pick her up later that afternoon, she was no longer attached to Barbara’s neck and was running around the playground with her new friends.  She proclaimed it was the best day of her life!  Yahoo!  She can do it!

She will go four half-days each week.  Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Thursday and Friday mornings.  And being that it is entirely in French, she (and I) will be learning a huge amount this year.  A big step for such a little girl…I often forget she is only 3.  Perhaps I should be more tearful, sending her to school, she is my “baby” after all.  But for whatever reason, I am not tearful or sad.  I’m excited that she gets to go to public school in Switzerland and learn in French and have a great time with other little ones.
Are you kidding me?  Look at her adorable little self.  Those cheeks!  I could just squeeze ’em & kiss ’em & eat her up!  This was just a moment ago.  I remember it with such vividity {that may or may not be an actual word, but I will use it & make it mine}.  So cute, standing in the sunshine of our little Swiss house, in the shadow of the Saleve.  She was ready then.  She’s ready now. Middle School will be ok.  She’ll be fine.  She’ll be just fine.  And…no worries…I will too.

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