Welcome to the New Nanny

It was an epic battle.  One for the record books…or the blog, whichever.  It was complete with door slamming, some under-breath comments & some heavy-footed stair walking.  Sound familiar?  If not, you likely don’t have a single teen in your home.  Just wait.  promise.

Luckily it didn’t last too long & when it was all over – I won!  Important point-if you’re battling with your little {or your not-so-little-anymore} & you’ve committed to the battle {meaning you know that what you’re battling for is important & even necessary for their health & well-being}, under no circumstances should you lose.  Ever. EVER!!  After all, losing could put their very life at stake.  Really.!.

So, this battle of ours.  It should have occurred many, many, many moons ago.  You see, we have the internet at our house.  {Gasping in complete shock would help me out right here.}  I’ll say it again – we have internet in our house.  The outside world gets pumped into our home at a fast rate {well, actually a slow rate, we have Frontier after all}.  But the outside world with all its wonders comes right on in.  And along with its wonders it brings along its nastiness.  And up until yesterday, we rolled out the doormat & said “welcome to our home.  come on in.”  Thus the battle.

We should really know better.  We should.  But a little “i think we’re ok with the systems we have in place” and a dash of “i think our rules are good deterrents” and a bit of “we’re talking with the kids about the dangers of all this stuff” left us complacent and unguarded.  Drats!

Until yesterday.

Not that anything in particular had happened.  Not that anything had been viewed, downloaded, googled, gawked at. But the fact that it could. And our lack of actual monitoring & blocking could allow it to waltz right on in undetected.  No more.

Welcome Net Nanny.

NetNannyLogo-1200px1Net Nanny is a very highly rated monitoring and web blocking software available for all devices that your family might have – PCs, Macs, Androids and Apple hand-held.  You download it to each device, set up users with specific blockers in place and viola! a gate keeper at the internet’s door.  Net Nanny records the information about different users searches and online viewing.  I can see if anyone’s trying to welcome in something I don’t think should be here.  Not only does she block it, she alerts me to it.  This gives me the information to have conversation as necessary about the risks of different things online.

Back to the battle.  Said child wasn’t upset that I had put any stop on his inappropriate internet browsing.  I don’t think that even crossed his pretty little ginger-haired mind.  From my history search, it’s clear his internet browsing consists mostly of gaming how to’s…boring.  He was over the moon mad because Net Nanny might “slow down his  gaming”.  That’s the word on the street anyway.  That blockers and monitors slow the internet down to a crawl.  Eee-gads.  Who knew that the mere mention of a blocker/monitor could send a hormonal teen into a raging madman?  Oh, wait.  Hormonal teen…raging madman – it is my life with a teen.  Should have guessed.

But after all the loud walking and the one slammed door and the under breath words I couldn’t understand {and frankly don’t really want to understand} and several attempts to get me to remove his device from the watchful eyes of Net Nanny- he’s now fine.  He tested out his machine with the unistallable Net Nanny {yes, he tried uninstalling it himself too} and it gamed at the same rapid rate as always {again…Frontier…} and he’s ok.

We do so much to protect our littles.  So very, very much.  But we had left the gate wide open to every and all kinds of awfulness to come in and join us.  That makes no sense.  And the older they get, the more awfulness they will gladly seek out.  Sad, but oh so true.  We must not fall asleep on them!  We must stay watchful.  I see that my new friend, Net Nanny will do just that.

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