Whole 30 :: the halfway

Fourteen days down.  Sixteen to go.  Can it be?  doing-the-w30-IG

I will admit, I was extremely reluctant to start this whole thing & pretty sure it was going to be completely pointless.  Skeptical?  Exactly.

But two weeks in, I absolutely think that this is doing something & I am pretty much sure that everyone needs to do this at least once in their lifetime.  I cannot believe how great I feel!  I cannot begin to explain how much energy I have, how well I’m sleeping and how clean my insides feel.  {too much?  sorry, but not really}  Reset is working!

Whole30 is simply amazing!

Do this.  Do this!

For this upcoming week, I’ve mapped out my meals and have my shopping list all set to go.  Thought I’d share, just in case I’ve made my case that you need to DO THIS but you aren’t sure where to start.  Start with these meals.  No excuses.

Here goes:

If you’re interested here is the shopping list for all the meals listed.  2:15 Shopping List – Plan to Eat.  The only thing not included are salt & pepper.  Get everything on the list, print out the recipes & you’ll be set for the week {for dinner anyway.}   Make sure and add lots of fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and snacking veggies.  Also some full on fat coconut milk for your coffee *smirky smile*  Believe me you want that!  And take the time to prep everything so it’s ready to go…ready to eat when you need a little snack.  Plan and prep are at least 50% of this whole thing, likely more.  Oh and get yourself some delicious Bubbies Sauerkraut.  Just do it, you’ll thank me after your first forkful.  Promise.

Let me know if you’re jumping in.  I’ll talk you off the ledge on days 5-7 and remind you that you’ll feel like sunshine come day 14!  Promise!


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