Whole30 …and with that, it is done!


Cést Fini!

Simple Whole30 evaluation:  Amazing!

On February 1 I started what I thought would be a good, little challenge. Whole30.  Many people in my life had done Whole30 before & I thought it might be nice to give it a whirl.  I honestly thought it would be a blip on the screen of life.  I didn’t think it would be very impactful.  I had hopes that I might take off those pesky few pounds that had crept in since my 40th, but that was about as high as my expectations of this whole thing went.  I’ll admit I even rolled my eyes at times reading the testimonials on the Whole30 website.

Low bar set.

But something quickly happened.  An about-face.  And I realized that this wasn’t some gimmicky weight loss plan disguised as a “lifestyle” thing.  This was for real.  I began to feel great.  I mean really great.  Funny thing – before I started I didn’t even know I wasn’t feeling great.  I thought I was feeling great.   But suddenly my not great was as obvious as the pimples on a pre-pubescent tween.

So what exactly do I mean by feeling great?

Great is a pretty vague word, don’t you think?  Here’s the specifics.

  • Sleep.  I laid down to sleep each night, fell asleep immediately & didn’t wake up once in the night.  Not once.  And when my alarm sounded, I had zero trouble getting up.  I felt refreshed, rested, and ready to go.
  • Morning Bright.  When I got up every morning, nothing felt bad.  No headache.  No stuffy nose.  No congestion in my sinus.  No nasal drip {gross, I know, but it was gone! Can I get a hallelujah!} My stomach didn’t feel heavy, full, bloated, uncomfortable.  Morning drag was gone!
  • Skin.  Breakouts disappeared.  While my skin is always dry in the winter, it is definitely less itchy, flaky, uncomfortably dry.
  • Energy.  Afternoon drag is gone!  Completely.  I have the energy to do everything I want & need to do and I am not drained. I don’t feel like I need a hit of caffeine to get me through. And my workouts are better.  Stronger & more efficient.
  • Regularity.  My insides are working as they are intended to work.  Enough said on that.
  • Focus.  Concentration is through the roof.  I am not distracted.  Worry & anxiety, which used to pull my mind away from what I was doing, are all but gone.
  • Taste Bud Awakening. {my personal favorite change!}  Real food tastes amazing!  When added sugars are removed, things like berries & mangos are absolutely delightful.  Meals made simply with good quality ingredients taste fantastic!  Food is enjoyable!  Really, really!!

Impressive list!  And again I say, I didn’t even know I was feeling not that great until I was.  Now that I recognize how great feels, I’m inclined to want to stay right in it.

My Biggest Take-Away 

Food is meant to be nourishment for our bodies.  It is intended to fuel us. I knew this to be true even before Whole30, but didn’t consistently make food choices with this in mind.  I learned through this process that I have often used food for other purposes : boredom buster, entertainment, rewards or just out of habit.  Often when I use foods for these purposes, my choices are not the best for me.  I tend to reach for the quickest, easiest option & that used to be non-nutrient rich foods.  {read BBQ Lays}  Through this process of taking out the non-nutrient rich foods & replacing them with better choices, I see the importance choosing wisely.  I’m 100% certain I will not completely stop using food to bust boredom, entertainment, rewards or habitually.  I know myself better than to assume those things will stop.  But I am 100% determined to make sure the choices I make will be better choices.  Choices that will also provide excellent fuels for my body and choices that will make my taste buds dance & sing with delight!

A Whole New Phase.

Today begins days 31 & beyond.  I’ve decided to follow the Whole30 reintroduction plan.  I plan to slowly add back different foods one at a time to determine what might be causing me discomfort.  It might be a specific ingredient or it might just be less-than-best food choices, but I won’t know unless I reintroduce slowly.  Maybe all my sinus junk is related to one specific food group.  I’ll know it when I reintroduce it.  And I can avoid that food going forward.

But, I also plan to continue eating some of my favorite recipes from the past 30 days.  The following list includes recipes that I made & the whole family loved {my kids & hubby’s didn’t do Whole30, but I made them eat in compliance for dinner sneaky, sneaky}  These recipes will make it into our regular rotation around here.  Check them out.  Really delicious!

I want to encourage you to give Whole30 a try.  You will be thankful you did.  Not only because of the weight you’ll lose and the inches that will melt away without trying, but because, darn it, you’ll feel great!  There are a ton of resources at the Whole30 website & of course Pinterest too.  Now I plan to enjoy some delicious peanut butter with my breakfast {yummo!} and bask in the glory of a challenge accomplished 🙂

4 thoughts on “Whole30 …and with that, it is done!

  1. Good for you, Kim! Your blog and recipes are going to be so helpful once I tackle this challenge! You make me want to do it.

  2. OK Kim, I’m in! I have been feeling so blah lately and I know it is food related. Too many winter heavy foods and not enough real and fresh. You’ve inspired me 🙂

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