Whole30 :: Tip #2

Day 8 ::  Feeling great!

I dreamt the other night about shredded cheddar cheese.  What’s that about?  Other than that, I think Whole30 is treating me pretty well.  Enjoying good proteins, excellent fats & more veggies than I have ever eaten before.  I’ve survived going out to dinner & the SuperBowl.  I think I deserve a trophy for not cheating.

I won’t lie, it’s not super easy.  When the battered chicken wings and cheese-cheesey dip & crackers and cupcakes are all laid out for the world to eat, it’s not the easiest to just head for the Whole30 approved snack section.  But, friends, it is doable.  You can do it!

One thing that definitely increases your odds of not being a Whole30 failure, brings me to today’s tip.

Tip 2 :: BE PREPAREDhow not to be a whole30 failure 2

GET IT READY :: If you’re anything like me, grab foods are a life line.  Chips, crackers, pretzels, kettle corn…mmmmmm…I’m making me hungry now.  When I get a hankering for a little something-something I go for whatever is easy.  Something already prepared, something already to pop into my mouth, something fast with little work to get it ready.

Enter Whole30.  Yeah, grabbing a little something on the fly? That can be a bit tougher.  Unless you’ve prepped.  Don’t just purchased the veggies & the friuts and throw them into the produce drawers of your fridge.  Actually wash them, chop them, dice ’em & slice ’em!  Throw them into tupperware and zippy bags.

The other day I stood in the pantry staring down a bag of BBQ Lay’s.  We had a little debate in that pantry.  Me & the Lay’s bag.  We fought!  It was rough & tumble.  I picked up the bag.  I put it down.  I picked it up.  I put it down.  really.  But then I remembered I wanted to not be a Whole30 failure.  I remembered all the delicious fruits and veggies in the refrigerator.  I also remembered the huge pyrex of soup from Tuesday & found my way back on the Whole30 path.  But only because it as all ready to go.  The Lay’s went down & something wonderful took it’s filthy place.

Since I mentioned it, let’s talk about THE IMPORTANCE OF SOUP!  It is times like this that I am thankful that it is still a bit cool outdoors.  {Heck it’s February in the upper-midwest!  We are under a blizzard warning today.  It’s just plain cold!}   Anyway.  Cold weather=soup.  Soups are a Whole30 must for me.  I can make up a big huge pot & have it ready to go in the refrigerator for whenever I need it.  I have found several delicious, filling, wonderful soups.  These recipes will likely take me right out of Whole30 & into life.  They are that good.  Here’s a list of my favorites thus far:

“But what about those times when you’re hungry but don’t want soup?  What about when you need something crunchy, like a chip or sweet like a big ol’ piece of cake?”  I’m glad you asked.  Crunchy has been a rough thing for me this past week.  I enjoy chips & crackers.  A lot!  Nothing about a piece of celery comes close to making me think I’m eating a chip.  Nothing.  I’ve not found the PERFECT SUBSTITUTION, but I can admit that these little gems are doing a good job of settling down that craving:

FullSizeRender 68Both from Costco, their ingredients are the important part {because not all dried fruits are equal}  The ingredients are simply the fruit.  No sulfites, no preservative & NO ADDED SUGAR!  Those companies are so, so sneaky.  But these are clean.  And the apples are crunchy enough to trick me, sort of.  Now I have thought how delicious they’d be drenched in caramel sauce, not gonna lie, but that will have to wait.



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  1. I’m excited to try some of the soup recipes you linked here. I have tried the chocolate chili and like that;) I also need to go and get some of those dried apples..never had those and they look like just the right crunch 😉

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