Whole30 :: Tip #3

Day 12.  They say that this is the point in which you’re most likely to give up.  I can see that.  The newness & excitement of the challenge have worn thin and the end is really not yet in sight.  But I think with the way I’m feeling right now, giving up is not an option.  I haven’t slept this great in a very long time & I haven’t had this much energy in forever.  I just have an overall feeling of clarity, if that makes any sense.  Life is clear & fresh.  I like it.  I think I’ll keep at this Whole3o thing a bit longer.

how not to be a whole30failure 3

It’s definitely not all roses though.  I miss grains.  Who knew how much I’d long for a nice plate of pasta.  Or a baguette.  Or a scoop of rice.  Grains.  I very much thought dairy would be the hardest, but no.  Grains.

One thing I’ve tried very hard to follow is the programs ‘rule’ about not making substitutes for your favorite foods.  They discourage you from making say, paleo muffins out of all approved ingredients, but that trick your mind into thinking you’re eating a muffin.  At first I couldn’t understand what the big deal would be in doing such a thing.  I can see it now though.  I have discovered that I rely heavily on salty snacks to fill my boredom.  Nothing going on, sitting idly?  I should grab some salt chips and enjoy!  And since I haven’t had access to chips or anything resembling those salty wonderful spheres for 12 days now, I have found better alternatives to mindless eating in front of the tube.  If I’m actually hungry I get myself a plate of something nutrient-rich {hello avocados!} or I realize I’m just bored and move away from the pantry. So my tip for today would be

Tip #3 – Follow The Guidelines

That being said, we had spaghetti the other night.  I used a spaghetti squash as my noodle. Delicious!!!  That, I do believe, is different than making muffins without grain, dairy, sugar, etc.  {what would that even taste like??}

I still highly, highly, highly recommend this program.  If for no other reason than to heighten awareness to what is in the food we are putting in our bodies.  It’s shocking!  And the benefits of  feeling great, clearer skin, less illness and way more energy are awesome bi-products.



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