Thanksgiving-the Menu!

thanksgiving graphic 2

Recipes.  Recipes.  Recipes!  I love recipes.  I can linger over recipe books like some do over a great novel.  And this little invention called the internet has been a game changer in the recipe lovers world.

Thanksgiving is when recipe scouring kicks into overdrive.  I would never think to change up the Thanksgiving must-haves, or replace a tried and true family classic on the big day.  But I’m always looking for a couple new recipes that might improve the menu.

Our Thanksgiving 2015 Menu looks like this:

I’m attaching my grocery list here in printable form. {thanksgiving shopping list} If you like the menu, this includes everything necessary to make the whole caboodle.  It’s also broken out by recipe using the recipe key.  So if you are interested only in the desserts, find the ingredients on the shopping list marked with a [G] and [H], highlight & purchase those items.  You’ll have what you need to Autumn Pumpkin Pie & the Cranberry Ginger Upside Down Cake.  Yumm-O.